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After defining dividends and listing several types of dividend distributions, I will go over the four important dates in the dividend distribution cycle than every investor must know and understand. Some dividend-paying companies pay irregular or sporadic special dividends, which also are sometimes called “extraordinary dividends”. Examples of this might be a special dividend due […]

Retirement Income

Why is it important that those who invest for retirement income see their holdings as something different than traditional investments and why did I spend an entire article describing the unique characteristics of Income Risk? The reason is that it is crucial to note and understand that almost no investment is income-risk free. Regardless of […]

Investing for Retirement Income

After going over main advantages and some disadvantages of investing for retirement income in my previous articles, I will focus on risk in this piece. Risk is one of the terms that we encounter in the initial stages of our effort to invest our savings for retirement. We heard the term and we knew that we had […]


I lauded the praises of my investing for retirement income in an earlier article and outlined 10 advantages in a separate post but investing for retirement income has some disadvantages. I will outline those disadvantages first, so that I then can show you how to prepare to handle them and minimize any potential risks. With some planning […]

Retirement Investing

After outlining a few basics about retirement investing for income in my earlier articles, I will explain the 10 main advantages of investing for reliable retirement income. This will help set the foundation for all of the other steps that will follow in other articles. I am periodically asked to explain why a retiree cannot […]

Income Investing

“Buy low and sell high” is most likely the first investing advice most of us heard when we were young. Unfortunately, investing is not that simple. To build a successful investment portfolio, we must know what to buy and sell, when to buy and sell, how to buy and sell, how to minimize risk and […]

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