Eagle Eye Opener

[U.S. Capitol]

Investors in insurance companies may want to pay close attention to Capitol Hill today as Medicare Chief Marilyn Tavenner answers questions from the House Ways and Means Committee.


The United States’ largest drug maker, Pfizer Inc., reported that Q3 earnings beat estimates.

[Deutsche Bank logo]

Deutsche Bank AG, Europe’s largest bank by revenue, reported its third-quarter profit fell by 94 percent.


The Russell 2000 Index — compiled of U.S. smaller-cap companies — has risen 32 percent this year, almost double the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s gain of 19 percent.

[Twitter logo]

As Twitter begins an eight-city roadshow for institutional shareholders like Fidelity and Blackrock, it does so in a year when initial public offerings (IPOs) are also becoming popular again with high net-worth private investors.

[Gold bars]

Even though gold has lost 20 percent of its value in 2013, the barbarous relic reached a five-week highs today based on investors’ faith in the U.S. Federal Reserve maintaining its stimulus program into the New Year.

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