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Hilary Kramer


How will Disney’s new streaming service affect Netflix’s share price? Find out what investment expert Hilary Kramer says about it here


Hilary Kramer reveals four biotech unicorns that are more appealing to investors than Lyft. She also discusses why she’s not currently interested in buying Lyft’s shares after the company recently went public.


Hilary Kramer discusses which stock did the best in her “Sweet Sixteen” stock tournament. She then discusses the status of growth stocks under current market conditions.


Hilary Kramer reveals sixteen growth stocks that investors could consider during “March Madness.” In one week, she plans to look at these growth stocks and see which ones have performed the best.


Hilary Kramer discusses the status of Uber and speculates on how well it would do if it were to go public. She then debates the question of if she would rather own shares in Post-IPO Uber or shares in Big Cannabis.


Investment expert Hilary Kramer analyzes the impact of the recent Boeing 737 crash on the market.



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