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Will EFC’s 12.9 Percent Dividend Get a Pop Tomorrow?

Here’s another income investment to keep a close eye on: Ellington Financial, LLC (EFC).

How to ‘Double Your Dividends’ in 2014’s Volatile Market

A handful of income-generating investments -- through a combination of income and capital gains -- have already generated...

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4 Dow Dividend Stocks Defying the Decline

Despite the aggregate decline in the Dow, there still are a few industrials trading to the plus side.

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Main Street Insiders Loading Up before Earnings Announcement

Business development company (BDC) Main Street Capital (MAIN) recently announced that it will release its Q4 and full...

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Cannibalizing REITs for a Bigger Pay Day

In AGNC's most recent earnings conference call, CEO Gary Kain announced that the company had begun purchasing common...

Dividend Dynamos Generate Consistent Earnings

The current stock market situation boils down to people being once again worried about growth.

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Dividends Lead to Healthy Profits in a Bear Market

What’s the best way to survive and prosper when stocks slump?

Daimler AG Boosts Dividend after 45 Percent Jump in Q4 Earnings

German auto-maker Daimler AG capped off the 2013 year with a strong finish, as the German auto manufacturer...

What the Dow’s Drop Means for You

Monday’s steep 300-plus point drop in the Dow sent the most widely watched measure of the equity market...

Utility Company Can Power Your Yield with Dividends

American Electric Power (AEP) is a stock that investors may want to consider today because it offers an...