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Uptick in European Growth Sparks Fresh Optimism

For most of the month of April, I highlighted the strong technical action for world markets year to...

A Fund that Provides Exposure to the European Equity Market

Jim Woods discusses an ETF that provides access to the European equity market.

The Third Wave in Real Estate — Will it End Badly?

Dr. Mark Skousen discusses the impact of "the third wave of real estate" and rising house prices on...

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance Will Survive Jailed Leader

Paul Dykewicz explains the impact of the arrest of leader Carlos Ghosn on the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi automobile alliance.


Ford-Volkswagen Alliance Could Aid Each Stock

Paul Dykewicz explains the implications of the Ford-Volkswagen alliance in vehicle development and production.

Big Signs of Trouble Facing Italian Debt Market

Dividend investing expert Bryan Perry discusses the concerns troubling the Italian debt market.

Find Low-Volatility Income in Europe

Investment expert Jim Woods discusses this fund, which focuses on providing low-volatility income from Europe.

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Raytheon May Rise Again Amid Market Turbulence

Paul Dykewicz examines why Raytheon may rise and merit consideration for investment.

Thanks Italy, We’re Going to the Bank

Italy's political crisis sent global bond yields downward. Here's how this move should benefit banks going forward.

The Swiss Franc Offers a Refuge in Times of Conflict

Paul Dykewicz explains the investment value of swiss franc exchange-traded funds (ETFs).