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Credit & Lending Stocks

Symbol Company Name PE Ratio PE Revenue
AAALF Aareal Bank AG 0 $282.00M
AAALY Aareal Bank AG 0 $0
ABBB Auburn Bancorp Inc 0 $7.50M
ACCFF Accord Financial Corp 190 $61.40M
ACFL AMC Financial Holdings, Inc. 0 $13.20M
ACMC American Church Mortgage Co. 0 $3.11M
AEOJF Aeon Financial Services Co Ltd 0 $169.85B
AGM Cl C Non-Vtg Com/Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp 0 $607.35M
AGMFP Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp 0 $751.52M
AGMGP AG Mortgage Investment Trust Inc 0 $607.35M
AGM_PF 5.250% Non Cum Pfd Ser F/Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp 0 $607.35M
AGM_PG Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp 0 $0
AGM__A Cl A Vtg Com/Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp 9 $607.35M
AIFLY ADR/Aiful Corp (Japan) 0 $216.10B
AIHS Senmiao Technology Ltd 0 $8.15M
ALLY Ally Financial Inc 9 $13.48B
ALPC Alpha Investment Inc 0 $0
AMIVF Atrium Mortgage Investment Corp 0 $126.62M
ARST Arista Financial Corp 0 $14,617
ATAX Ben Unit CTF/America First Multifamily Investors LP 58 $70.56M
ATLC Atlanticus Holdings Corp 8 $645.69M
ATNP Atlantis Technology Group 0 $0
AXP American Express Co. 20 $49.50B
BCAP Baron Capital Enterprise Inc 0 $0
BCOW 1895 Bancorp of Wisconsin Inc (New) 25 $28.26M
BHBCQ Beverly Hills Bancorp Inc 0 $103.55M
BRBI Blue River Bancshares, Inc. 0 $21.17M
BVFL BV Financial Inc 0 $10.66M
CACC Credit Acceptance Corp (MI) 12 $2.18B
CAFI Consumer Automotive Finance Inc 0 $78,783
CASH Meta Financial Group Inc 14 $728.73M
CCGN Consumer Capital Group Inc 0 $302,873
CFGX Capital Financial Global Inc 0 $567,804
CHWWF Chesswood Group Ltd 0 $247.71M
CLDCF China Lending Corp 0 $0
CMPRF Gentera Sab De CV 0 $20.52B
CNF CNFinance Holdings Ltd 139 $2.41B
COF Capital One Financial Corp 11 $38.41B
COFKL Capital One Financial Corp 0 $0
COOP Mr Cooper Group Inc 3 $4.99B
CPSS Consumer Portfolio Service, Inc. 8 $326.62M
CPYT CarePayment Technologies, Inc. 0 $1.32M
CRPFY Corporacion Financiera Colombiana SA 0 $0
CRQDF Credito Real SA De CV 0 $12.45B
CSASF Credit Saison Co., Ltd. (Japan) 0 $688.03B
CSFSF Cash Store Financial Services Inc 0 $231.75M
CTON Second Street Capital Inc 0 $0
CTOND Second Street Capital Inc 0 $3.57M
CTUY Century Next Financial Corp 10 $35.70M
DFS Discover Financial Services 14 $15.74B
DNB Dun & Bradstreet Holdings Inc 0 $2.35B
DRSV Debt Resolve Inc 0 $8.21M
DSFN DSA Financial Corp 0 $8.52M
DVLN DVL, Inc. 0 $2.25M
EBDC ebank Financial Services Inc 0 $0
ECPG Encore Capital Group Inc 5 $2.05B
EEH Swedish Export Credit Corp 0 $4.19B
EHMEF goeasy Ltd 12 $826.14M
ELVT Elevate Credit Inc 4 $482.35M
EMGC Emergent Capital Inc 1 $0
ENVA Enova International Inc 2 $1.24B
EQUI EquiFin, Inc 0 $2.28M
ESBK Elmira Savings Bank (NY) 0 $50.06M
EZPW EZCORP, Inc. 0 $925.11M
FAMCP Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp 0 $796.36M
FBC Flagstar Bancorp, Inc. 4 $2.85B
FCMGF Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corp 0 $94.81M
FCRM Franklin Credit Management Corp 0 $5.47M
FDCHF Funding Circle Holdings PLC 0 $141.90M
FDLB Fidelity Federal Bancorp 0 $0
FEHZY Far East Horizon Ltd. 0 $0
FFBW FFBW Inc (MD) 39 $16.34M
FINV ADR (Sponsored)/FinVolution Group 36 $9.42B
FLXP Flexpower Inc 0 $33,333
FMCC Freddie Mac 6 $76.70B
FNLIF First National Financial Corp 0 $351.27M
FNMA Fannie Mae 0 $126.28B
FPLPF Provident Financial Plc 0 $1.11B
FPLPY ADR (Sponsored)/Provident Financial Plc 0 $998.30M
FUE Swedish Export Credit Corp 0 $4.19B
GDOT Green Dot Corp 4,624 $1.68B
GMYTF GMO Payment Gateway Inc 0 $0
GOVB Gouverneur Bancorp Inc 0 $10.73M
GPLPF Group Lease Public Co Ltd 0 $0
GRU Swedish Export Credit Corp 0 $4.19B
HARL Harleysville Financial Corp 13 $39.69M
HBTC Harbourton Capital Group, Inc. 0 $0
HLFN Home Loan Financial Corp 0 $22.84M
HMCBF Home Capital Group Inc 12 $1.18B
HRGG Heritage NOLA Bancorp Inc 0 $8.01M
HX Hexindai Inc 0 $11.44M
IMH Impac Mortgage Holdings, Inc. 0 $76.59M
IMHBP Impac Mortgage Holdings, Inc. 0 $76.59M
IMHCP Impac Mortgage Holdings, Inc. 0 $76.59M
IOR Income Opportunity Realty Investors Inc 11 $0
IPFPF International Personal Finance PLC 0 $0
ISAT ISA Internationale Inc. 0 $0
IX ADR (Sponsored)/Orix Corp 63 $0
JSM 6.000% Sr Nt 12/15/2043/Navient Corp 0 $4.78B
KGTHY ADR/Krungthai Card Public Co Ltd 0 $22.63B
KTNUF Kiatnakin Bank Public Co., Ltd 0 $0
LC LendingClub Corp 0 $571.12M
LNDZF Brattle Street Investment Corp 0 $2.81M
LUDG Ludwig Enterprises Inc 0 $0
LX LexinFintech Holdings Ltd 38 $14.68B
MAMTF MCAN Mortgage Corp 10 $163.49M
MBIN Merchants Bancorp (Indiana) 6 $576.91M
MCPH Midland Capital Holdings Corp 0 $8.97M
MFIN Medallion Financial Corp 0 $187.78M
MITJF Mint Corp (The) 0 $0
MIUFF Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Co., Ltd. 0 $0
MIUFY ADR/Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Co., Ltd. 0 $1,641.53B
MOGO Mogo Finance Technology Inc 0 $53.18M
MRBLF Marble Financial Inc 0 $0
MSFN Mainstreet Financial Corp 0 $1.56M
MTG MGIC Investment Corp. (WI) 11 $1.49B
NAVI Navient Corp 4 $4.78B
NECA New America Energy Corp 0 $476
NECB NorthEast Community Bancorp Inc (MD) 0 $44.53M
NFSE nFinanSe Inc 0 $1.46M
NICK Nicholas Financial Inc (BC) 10 $69.31M
NNI Cl A/Nelnet Inc 6 $2.05B
NRUC 5.500% Sub Nt Fxd 05/15/2064/National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corp 0 $1.98B
OCCI OFS Credit Co Inc 9 $11.07M
OCCIP 6.875% Pfd Ser A/OFS Credit Co Inc 0 $11.07M
OCFN Omega Commercial Finance Corp 0 $756,678
OCN Ocwen Financial Corp 0 $0
OMF OneMain Holdings Inc 6 $6.01B
OPBK OP Bancorp 11 $80.98M
ORXCF Ord/Orix Corp 0 $0
PCSO Protective Capital Structures Corp 0 $0
PFC Premier Financial Corp 8 $422.98M
PFOH Perpetual Federal Savings Bank 0 $25.95M
PFSI PennyMac Financial Services Inc (New) 3 $5.30B
PMTS CPI Card Group Inc 11 $416.40M
PRG PROG Holdings Inc 10 $2.83B
PRRCF Procredit Holding AG 0 $0
PVBC Provident Bancorp Inc (MD) 19 $82.66M
QCCO QC Holdings Inc 0 $174.67M
QFIN 360 Finance Inc 15 $14.42B
RAHGF Roan Holdings Group Co Ltd 0 $4.90M
RFNS Reliant Financial Service Corp 0 $0
RJA Swedish Export Credit Corp 0 $4.19B
RJI Swedish Export Credit Corp 0 $4.19B
RJN Swedish Export Credit Corp 0 $4.19B
RJZ Swedish Export Credit Corp 0 $4.19B
RM Regional Management Corp 10 $473.29M
RPFG Rainier Pacific Financial Group Inc 0 $48.61M
SC Santander Consumer USA Holdings Inc 8 $10.33B
SFBI SFSB Inc 0 $2.24M
SLM SLM Corp. 5 $2.80B
SOHI Sortis Holdings Inc 0 $0
SOLU Solutions Group Inc 0 $0
SPGHF Sino Prosper Group Holdings Ltd 0 $0
SRAWY Srisawad Corp Public Co Ltd 0 $0
STBI Sturgis Bancorp Inc 7 $40.03M
SYF Synchrony Financial 8 $19.25B
TBNK Territorial Bancorp Inc 12 $91.37M
TFCCD Terra Firma Capital Corp 0 $0
TFCCF Terra Firma Capital Corp 0 $23.96M
TFSL TFS Financial Corp 63 $598.81M
TNSGF FinDev Inc 0 $3.11M
TREE LendingTree Inc (New) 0 $1.17B
TRFNF TruFin PLC 0 $0
TRST Trustco Bank Corp. (N.Y.) 12 $237.36M
TSLX Sixth Street Specialty Lending Inc 11 $336.25M
UFFRF Unifin Financiera SAB De CV 0 $0
VEL Velocity Financial Inc 0 $0
WAKE Wake Forest Bancshares, Inc. 0 $8.62M
WCRS Com Par $0.001/Western Capital Resources Inc 7 $189.84M
WINS Wins Finance Holdings Inc 0 $0
WINSF Wins Finance Holdings Inc 0 $0
WRLD World Acceptance Corp. 14 $671.81M
XTMIF XTM Inc 0 $853,169
YBRHF Yellow Brick Road Holdings Ltd 0 $159.59M
YUANF Shs/Fincera Inc 0 $1.84B
ZNKKY ADR/Zenkoku Hosho Co Ltd 0 $49.37B
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