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Gas Utilities Stocks

Symbol Company Name PE Ratio PE Revenue
ALTM Cl A (New)/Altus Midstream Co 0 $183.07M
ALTMW Kayne Anderson Acquisition Corp 0 $183.07M
APAJF APA Group 0 $2.59B
ATGAF AltaGas Ltd 0 $0
ATGFF AltaGas Ltd 19 $6.40B
ATO Atmos Energy Corp. 18 $3.77B
AYGUY Aygaz A.S. 0 $0
BIPC Com Sub Vtg Shs Cl A/Brookfield Infrastructure Corp 0 $1.81B
CDUAF Cl A Com/Canadian Utilities Ltd 24 $4.01B
CDUUF Cl B Com/Canadian Utilities Ltd 0 $4.18B
CGASY ADR/China Resources Gas Group Ltd 0 $32.92B
CGFEF CF Energy Corp 0 $518.39M
CGHLY ADR/China Gas Holdings Ltd. 0 $59.54B
CGHOF Ord/China Gas Holdings Ltd. 0 $59.54B
CHNGQ China Natural Gas Inc 0 $177.85M
CLSZF China Oil And Gas Group Limited 0 $6.45B
CNER China New Energy Group Co 0 $162,066
CNIG Corning Natural Gas Holding Corp 28 $40.86M
CNIGO 6% Pfd Ser A/Corning Natural Gas Holding Corp 0 $44.41M
CNIGP 4.8% Pfd Conv Ser B/Corning Natural Gas Holding Corp 0 $40.86M
CPK Chesapeake Utilities Corp. 28 $625.26M
CPYYF Ord/Centrica Plc 0 $22.67B
CPYYY ADR (Sponsored) New 2004/Centrica Plc 0 $22.67B
CRGGF Ord/China Resources Gas Group Ltd 0 $32.92B
CTGKE 8% pfd/Connecticut Natural Gas Corporation 0 $0
ENGGF Ord/Enagas SA 0 $1.15B
ENGGY ADR/Enagas SA 0 $1.05B
ETRN Equitrans Midstream Corp 8 $1.88B
FGP Units LP Int/Ferrellgas Partners LP 0 $1.92B
FGPR Ferrellgas Partners LP 0 $1.81B
FGPRQ Units LP Int/Ferrellgas Partners LP 0 $2.10B
GAILF GDR Reg S (Sponsored)/Gail India Ltd 0 $741.14B
GASNY ADR/Naturgy Energy Group SA 0 $28.60B
HOKCF Ord/Hong Kong & China Gas Co., Ltd. 0 $40.63B
HOKCY ADR (Sponsored)/Hong Kong & China Gas Co., Ltd. 0 $40.63B
ITGGF Italgas SpA 0 $0
KLYCY ADR/Kunlun Energy Co., Ltd. 0 $88.71B
KUNUF Kunlun Energy Co., Ltd. 0 $81.88B
MNTK Montauk Renewables Inc 0 $47.36M
NFE Cl A/New Fortress Energy Inc 0 $512.56M
NFG National Fuel Gas Co. (NJ) 0 $1.98B
NI NiSource Inc. (Holding Co.) 0 $5.89B
NJR New Jersey Resources Corp 22 $2.25B
NPPGF Nippon Gas Co Ltd 0 $236.37B
NWN Northwest Natural Holding Co 22 $1.03B
OGS ONE Gas, Inc. 21 $2.01B
OGZPY ADR (Sponsored)/PJSC Gazprom 0 $8,849.89B
OSGSF Ord (New)/Osaka Gas Co Ltd (Japan) 0 $2,696.43B
OSGSY ADR/Osaka Gas Co Ltd (Japan) 0 $2,884.44B
PNAGF Petronas Gas Berhad 0 $0
RBSFY Rubis SA (France) 0 $4.76B
RGCO RGC Resources, Inc. 17 $82.32M
RUBSF Ord (New)/Rubis SA (France) 0 $4.76B
SGU Unit Ltd Partnership Int/Star Group LP 10 $1.71B
SJI South Jersey Industries Inc 18 $2.03B
SJIJ 5.625% Jr Sub Nt 09/16/2079/South Jersey Industries Inc 0 $2.03B
SJIU 3.7% Corp Unit 04/15/2031/South Jersey Industries Inc 0 $2.03B
SLNG Stabilis Energy Inc 0 $49.37M
SNMRF Ord/Snam SpA 0 $3.88B
SNMRY ADR/Snam SpA 0 $2.59B
SPH Units LP Int/Suburban Propane Partners LP 17 $1.38B
SR Spire Inc 40 $2.31B
SRCU Spire Inc 0 $2.31B
SUUIF Superior Plus Corp 39 $2.93B
SWX Southwest Gas Holdings, Inc. 16 $4.21B
TDGDF Transportadora de Gas del Norte SA (Argentina) 0 $1.84B
TGASF Towngas China Co., Ltd. 0 $0
THOGF Toho Gas Co Ltd 0 $1,040.33B
TKGSF Ord (New)/Tokyo Gas Co Ltd 0 $4,074.43B
TKGSY ADR/Tokyo Gas Co Ltd 0 $4,037.35B
TRTI Transtech Industries, Inc. 0 $100,000
UGI UGI Corp. 14 $8.42B
XNGSF Ord/ENN Energy Holdings Ltd 0 $70.18B
XNGSY ADR/ENN Energy Holdings Ltd 0 $70.18B
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