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Paper & Forest Products Stocks

Symbol Company Name PE Ratio PE Revenue
AXMM Axiom Corp 0 $120,795
BPMI Badger Paper Mills, Inc. 0 $84.30M
BSTO Blue Star Opportunities Corp 12 $2.38M
CFPUF Canfor Pulp Products Inc 0 $1.34B
CFXTF Conifex Timber Inc 0 $463.92M
CLW Clearwater Paper Corp 12 $2.31B
CSUI Cannabis Suisse Corp 0 $166,797
DUNIY Duni AB 0 $0
EVA Com Unit Repstg Ltd Partnership Int/Enviva Partners LP 0 $1.02B
FTPLF Fortress Global Enterprises Inc 0 $159.72M
GLT Glatfelter Corp 0 $1.15B
HAIPF Ord/Hadera Paper Ltd. 0 $3.20B
HDIUF Hardwoods Distribution Inc 17 $1.50B
HEGIY ADR/Hengan International Group Co Ltd 0 $22.49B
HLMNY ADR/Holmen AB 0 $17.76B
HMTC Homasote Co. 0 $38.32M
IFSPF Interfor Corp 19 $2.62B
ITP IT Tech Packaging Inc 0 $135.43M
KOP Koppers Holdings Inc 6 $2.11B
KPTSF KP Tissue Inc 0 $0
LMPMF Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Ltd 0 $17.62B
LMPMY ADR (Sponsored)/Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Ltd 0 $32.21B
LPX Louisiana-Pacific Corp 23 $3.26B
MERC Mercer International Inc 0 $1.69B
MONDF Ord/Mondi Plc 0 $7.27B
MONDY ADR (Unsponsored)/Mondi Plc 0 $7.27B
NDGPF Ord/Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Limited 0 $51.34B
NDGPY ADR/Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Limited 0 $54.65B
NKSJF Norske Skogindustrier ASA (Norway) 0 $11.54B
NP Neenah Inc 0 $990.00M
OJIPF Oji Holdings Corp 0 $0
OJIPY ADR/Oji Holdings Corp 0 $2,840.12B
OSB Norbord Inc 16 $2.71B
PLHNF Paul Hartmann AG Heidenhein An Der Brenz 0 $0
PTBTQ Pope & Talbot Inc. 0 $236.52M
RFP Resolute Forest Products Inc 0 $3.43B
RTERF Rottneros AB (Sweden) 0 $0
RTTNY Rottneros AB (Sweden) 0 $0
SEOAY ADR (Sponsored)/Stora Enso Oyj 0 $20.87B
SEOJF Ord/Stora Enso Oyj 0 $20.87B
SPPJY ADR (Sponsored) (New)/Sappi Ltd 0 $10.53B
STLJF Stella-Jones Inc. 16 $3.19B
SUMXF Supremex Inc 0 $240.86M
SUZ ADR (Sponsored)/Suzano SA 0 $26.01B
SWM Schweitzer-Mauduit International Inc 14 $1.31B
TNNFF Tenon Ltd 0 $430.00M
UFS Domtar Corp 0 $5.78B
UPMKF Ord/UPM - Kymmene Corp. (Finland) 0 $20.38B
UPMMY ADR/UPM - Kymmene Corp. (Finland) 0 $20.38B
VRS Cl A/Verso Corp 3 $1.94B
VRSZW Verso Corp 0 $1.94B
WBNEF Westbond Enterprises Corp. 57 $0
WFSTF Western Forest Products Inc 0 $1.02B
ZCOM Impreso Inc. 0 $158.14M
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