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Textiles Stocks

Symbol Company Name PE Ratio PE Revenue
CDSAF Cydsa, S.A. 0 $5.57B
CGGGF Coats Group PLC 0 $0
CHRXF Chargeurs S.A. 0 $0
CTXIF China Linen Textile Industry Ltd 0 $64.16M
CULP Culp Inc 0 $336.70M
DXYN Dixie Group Inc. 0 $404.56M
EVBC Evolution Blockchain Group Inc 0 $0
FRPC First Republic Corp. of America 0 $0
INDOY ADR/Indorama Ventures Public Co Ltd 0 $351.89B
IVDN Innovative Designs Inc 0 $292,101
IVLRF Indorama Ventures Public Co Ltd 0 $0
JGSHF Cl B Ord/JG Summit Holdings, Inc. (Philippines) 0 $0
JGSMY ADR/JG Summit Holdings, Inc. (Philippines) 0 $0
JSVGF Johnson Service Group Plc (United Kingdom) 0 $0
LZENF Lizhan Environmental Corp. 0 $36.08M
NSHBY Nisshinbo Holdings Inc 0 $1,006.40B
PWEI PacWest Equities Inc. 0 $14.49M
SHZHY ADR/Shenzhou International Group Holdings Ltd 0 $22.67B
SZHIF Ord/Shenzhou International Group Holdings Ltd 0 $18.09B
TALN Talon International, Inc. 0 $55.26M
TINLF Teijin, Ltd. (Japan) 0 $0
TINLY ADR/Teijin Ltd (Japan) 0 $1,638.17B
TRYIF Ord/Toray Industries, Inc. 0 $4,455.16B
TRYIY ADR/Toray Industries, Inc. 0 $4,455.16B
TTXTF Texhong Textile Group Ltd. 0 $0
TYOBY ADR/Toyobo Co Ltd 0 $682.73B
UFI Unifi, Inc. 0 $724.11M
UNIKF Unitika, Ltd. 0 $0
UNIR Uniroyal Global Engineered Products Inc 0 $78.31M
UNIRD Uniroyal Global Engineered Products Inc 0 $116.34M
WQTEF Weiqiao Textile Co., Ltd. 0 $11.21B
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