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U.S. Economic Growth Rises While Crises Hit Elsewhere, Economic and Business Leaders Warn

Despite the current uncertainty caused by trade tariffs, economic gains are continuing unabated in most parts of the...

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Raytheon May Rise Again Amid Market Turbulence

Paul Dykewicz examines why Raytheon may rise and merit consideration for investment.

EchoStar Is a Technology Stock Well Worth Watching

The satellite and wireless sector is consolidating, but EchoStar is one company that is showing a lot of...

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These were July’s Top 10 Exchange-Traded Funds

The fall of European equities, as well as the recent downtrend in U.S. markets, might make you think...

How Asia Offers Regional Emerging Market Opportunity

The mix of frontier, emerging and developed economies in Asia creates a geographic region with an enticing combination...

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Governments Binge on Debt with Easy-Money Policies and Low Interest Rates

Confirmation that governments are squandering money on ill-advised programs fueled by the easy-money policies of central banks worldwide...

Hedge Funds Raise Gold Wagers But Goldman Predicts Further Drop

Hedge funds raised bullish gold bets to eight-week highs as signs of stronger Chinese demand drove prices to...

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Shanghai, Korea Stocks Pull Asia Down

Asian shares slipped today, despite upbeat global economic data as profit-taking occurred amid low trading volumes.

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Nuclear Deal Sends Stocks Higher

Iran’s agreement to sign a nuclear, non-proliferation treaty with six of the world’s current nuclear powers put a...