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McDonald’s Reports Reduced Visits in Quarter, Expects Weak January

McDonald's Corp (MCD.NYSE) reported weaker-than-expected quarterly sales at established restaurants on Thursday as fewer diners visited the fast-food...

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Incoming Earnings Buoy U.S. Stocks

Most stocks rose today as earnings continued to pour in from a plethora of publicly traded companies.

Netflix Q4 2013 Income Rises Five-Fold over Previous Year

Thirty-one analysts polled by Bloomberg regarding Netflix’s (NFLX) fourth quarter performance arrived at the following consensus figures: Net...

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IBM to Accelerate Re-Org after Disappointing Earnings

IBM Corp, the world’s biggest technology services company, missed analysts’ estimates for the fourth quarter of 2013.

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Verizon Q4 2014 Earnings Meet Expectations

About one year ago today, Verizon announced that due to pension expenses and costs associated with Hurricane Sandy,...

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Student Lender Profits Drop 22 Percent in Q413

The student lender known as Sallie Mae, SLM Corp., reported fourth quarter profits for 2013 dropped 22% from...

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Disappointing Earnings Lower Stocks

Investors exited the markets as earnings reports from various companies fell below expectations, resulting in the market closing...

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The Trends to Watch as Traditional Retailers Struggle

We’ve started to hear the fallout from the 2013 holiday shopping season during the last few weeks. Let...

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Treasuries Rise, Stocks Fall

Lower-than-expected financial earnings discouraged investors, lowering stocks for the day. Meanwhile, Treasuries made a move upwards.

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Intel Targets Mobile Market Leadership in 2014

Intel shares gained 4 percent yesterday ahead of Thursday’s Q413 earnings report, ending the session at $26.52.