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Tesla’s Value Dives to 18-Month Low after CEO Musk Mocks SEC

Tesla’s value dropped $10 billion in the past week to hit an 18-month low on Oct. 8, after...

Tesla Production, Service and Sales Regain CEO’s Focus

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Ford Has Big Plans for Driverless Vehicles

Recent studies and forecasts are predicting that autonomous vehicles will account for a majority of all vehicles on...


Will Subscription-Based Service Disrupt the Automotive Industry’s Sales Model?

Some automotive companies are experimenting with subscription-based services to capture additional younger customers, which are shunning ownership models...

Ford to Reward Investor-Faithful with $1.8 Billion Buyback

Ford Motor Co. (F) said that it would buy back some 116 million of its own shares, at...

Ford Extends 25 Percent Dividend Increase Again

Ford (F) is about the only major automaker in the world not mounting a recall effort involving millions...