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A Stock Market Crash Could be Caused by a ‘Black Swan’ Event

A stock market crash could be caused by an unexpected calamitous event, known as a “black swan” in...

Cyberthreats From U.S. Adversaries Spur Innovative American Countermeasures

Cyberthreats from U.S. adversaries are spurring innovative American countermeasures to help protect against potentially devastating attacks targeting U.S....

Race for Space Resumes Between United States, China and Russia

Paul Dykewicz reports on a speech by Vice President Mike Pence about the race for space.

[U.S. and European flags overlaid]

Raytheon May Rise Again Amid Market Turbulence

Paul Dykewicz examines why Raytheon may rise and merit consideration for investment.

Iran Deal Weakens U.S. Oil

Progress towards a deal between Western nations and Iran meant to curb the latter country's nuclear program caused...

IEA Boosts 2014 Global Oil Demand Forecast on U.S. Recovery

Global oil demand in 2014 will top previous forecasts, with U.S. consumption rebounding to its strongest level in...

Oil Declines on Iran Deal

Not everyone was happy to see Iran sign the nuclear non-growth treaty placed in front of it yesterday....

[Nuclear test in the Dominican Republic]

Nuclear Deal Sends Stocks Higher

Iran’s agreement to sign a nuclear, non-proliferation treaty with six of the world’s current nuclear powers put a...