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It is Time to Join the Commodities Rally

Investing in an era when the market rarely follows fundamentals can be tricky. Such times occur when politics...

Investment Bears Warn of Fed Policy Fallout

LAS VEGAS--Easy-money Fed policies should steer investors away from equities and the U.S. dollar and toward buying the...

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Two Real Estate Giants Insist No Deal in the Works

Yesterday, two U.S. real estate giants, American Realty Capital Properties Inc. (ARCP) and NorthStar Realty Finance Corp (NRF),...

A trader looks at a mixed financial picture

What the Results of the March Quarter Mean for the Direction of the June Quarter

As we closed the books on the March quarter and opened those for the June one, the Dow...

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Where Housing and Real Estate are Headed with United Real Estate Chairman and CEO Dan Duffy

Joining us this week is Dan Duffy, chairman and CEO of United Real Estate.

Foreign Real Estate Investment Planted in United States

Four of the top five cities in global real estate investment are in the United States.

Equities and Real Estate Trump Bonds and Commodities as Investments

LAS VEGAS--Astute stock pickers still have good investment opportunities, despite uncertainty about when the Fed will follow through...