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I’m Roger Michalski, your host for our special Trillionaire Summit.

Dr. Skousen is preparing to reveal the new supersector that will mint the world’s first trillionaire.

We’ll begin 7 days from now at exactly 2pm Eastern.

So be sure to mark down your calendar and reserve that time.

During the event you can expect to hear…
  ✔   What Steve Forbes and 15 other top experts called “the next big thing in the markets over the next 12 months.”
  ✔   The revelation of the new supersector that will mint the world’s first trillionaire.
  ✔   Details on Dr. Skousen’s top 3 stocks in this new supersector. (The one that trades for just $5 has me particularly excited)
  ✔   Dr. Skousen’s 3-Step System for identifying breakout stocks.
  ✔   How to turn $5,000 into $100,000 in this new supersector.
  ✔   PLUS, details on Dr. Skousen’s first ever $100,000 profit guarantee.

Dr. Skousen has almost 40 years experience in the markets.

He’s one of the world’s most respected economists.

In fact, he was recently awarded the Triple Crown in Economics by Steve Forbes himself.

He’s going to reveal the inner workings of his system of success during the big event.

And in order to get you prepared…

I’m going to send you an email each day with important updates, so you are fully ready to hit the ground running once the Trillionaire Summit is complete.

This is all about taking your trading to the next level in the months ahead. So be sure to watch for my emails each day.

And remember…

Clear some time and make sure there are no distractions when the event begins at 2pm Eastern 7 days from now.

Just a single big stock win can transform your portfolio forever.

So this could be the most important hour of your entire year.

If you’re already beating the market each year by a wide margin, I can understand if you miss this.

But if not, this is a MUST SEE event that you need to attend.

I look forward to seeing you then…

But in the meantime, please click the link below.

I have an important question that needs answering.

Roger Michalski
Roger Michalski,
Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications
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