Congratulations… you’re all signed up for our Marijuana’s Second Wave Summit, to be aired on Thursday, November 1st at 2pm Eastern.

To prepare for the event, 30-year market veteran Hilary Kramer has been digging deep into the explosive marijuana market…

And she’s finally gotten the signal she’s been looking for, the one thing she needed to confirm the strength of the market…

The marijuana market is now entering its all-important Second Wave – that breakthrough phase that proves a trend is digging in for the long haul.

In this Marijuana’s Second Wave Summit, you’re going to see the marijuana market in a way you’ve never seen before…

With three stocks – in three different sectors – that prove today’s marijuana profits are just warming up.

During our Marijuana’s Second Wave Summit, you’re also going to discover Hilary’s breakthrough trading system that could let you double your money in the next 12 months….

Not by risking all your capital on one big stock move…

But by trading the market’s fastest moving stocks, stacking small wins one on top of another, reducing your risk and potentially doubling your money.

We’ll give you the complete run-down of this exciting new strategy during the Marijuana’s Second Wave Summit.

Hilary will also show you details on the three break-out stocks she has selected for summit participants:

Her 3 favorite “S.W.A.P. stocks” – to get you making money right away.

(Hilary will reveal exactly what she means by “S.W.A.P. stocks” in the first minute of the Summit, so make sure you get there on time).

Thanks again for joining us. I’ll see you Thursday, November 1st at 2pm Eastern.

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