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This article wraps up my series about how to trade spread options. I have laid out several rules you should follow, as well as 29 different strategies you could use along with many other factors to consider when trading such options. The most important things are to keep everything simple and to make sure to […]

Option Spread Traders

If you have been following my series of articles about options spread trading, you should be ready to join the ranks of options spread traders and start trading on your own. You have easy tools to identify simple market trends. You also now know basic strategies for different types of markets. Plus, you are aware […]


Options spread trading is simpler, easier and less terrifying than most people believe. All you need is some elementary understanding of the options spreads and a discipline to follow few basic strategies. During recent months, I have written and published more than two dozen articles on about options spread trading. I tried to explain […]

Risk Control

Trading options spreads is about risk control. The purpose is to hedge your risk in case you misread the market signals or if something unexpected happens in the market. There are a few risk-control models that can help you manage your trading account to maximize your profit potential while minimizing risk. These models are the […]


Experience and knowledge of all the trading strategies are irrelevant if a trader cannot control risk and manage money. Most traders learn quickly that only a few mistakes or events out of their control can destroy a portfolio that was painstakingly built. Therefore, in addition to market analysis and different trading strategies, you must learn […]

trading plan

After explaining the basics of a trading plan using the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) index in a previous article, I will repeat the process one more time but use equity options in the following example. Analysis first First, we must determine the market trend. Is the market bullish, bearish or neutral? We will use […]

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