Options Trading


What is Implied Volatility? – How it affects the Pricing of Options

Implied volatility indicates how volatile a security’s price may be in the future. It is important to understand...


Stop Loss Order vs Stop Limit Order – What is it?

A stop loss order and a stop limit order are two tools that can be used by an...


This Greek Philosopher Taught Me to Trade Options

Alright, I know what you’re thinking. How the heck did a Greek philosopher teach me to how to...

Top Automobile Supplier Stocks to Buy This Year

Top automobile supplier stocks to buy this year offer investors a chance to purchase shares in industry companies...

Massive Options Trading Is Manipulating the Market

In a recent weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal, (Sept. 5-6), an article titled “SoftBank Trade Fueled...

Option trading

The Collar Option Strategy – What is it?

The collar option strategy involves holding shares of the underlying stock while simultaneously buying an “out-of-the-money” put option...

The Big Short In Energy Looks Super Timely

Bryan Perry discusses how he advised his subscribers to participate in the big short of the energy sector.


Time to Sell Covered Calls on Rallies

The summer of love for the stock market has been well-oiled by the assumption of a locked-and-loaded rate...

Collecting Covered-Call Income from the Clouds

Bryan Perry discusses how to collect covered-call income from hot cloud stocks.


How A Pre-Socratic Philosopher Taught Me Options Trading

Jim Woods discusses what Thales of Miletus, a pre-Socratic philosopher who lived over two thousand years ago, can...