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How Markets around the World are Reacting to the Bull Market

Though bank earnings were on the whole solid, the real news this week was the huge sell-off on...

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Why the Chinese Market Will Keep Rising

Stocks in China are hot, and I mean smoking hot, with HUGE gains during the past month.

These Were the Best-Performing ETFs of Q1 2015

The first quarter of 2015 is in the books, and that means it’s time to take a critical...

Recent Interviews Cover Political and Economic Topics

View Paul Dykewicz's recent interviews on the synidcated radio program Ransom Report on a variety of political and...

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What Investing Icon Jack Bogle Gets Wrong about ETFs

At the crux of Bogle’s criticism is that ETFs are too tradable, and that the ability to buy...

What China’s Bullish Move Means for Global Markets

While stocks in the United States enjoyed a strong week of Fed-induced upside, there was a much bigger...

The Strong Dollar’s Effects on the Market

During the past 12 months, the dollar’s value has soared about 25% against the combined euro, Japanese yen,...

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Why the Dollar Rises as Stocks Stall and Bonds Fall

The February jobs report was the big news this week, and the better-than-expected data caused traders to fear...

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Comparing International and Domestic ETFs

At the outset of the year, I argued that international equity exchange-traded funds (ETFs) likely would outperform domestic...

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Don’t Miss Doug Fabian’s Live eMoneyShow Presentation

Don’t miss Doug Fabian’s live eMoneyShow presentation this Tuesday, Feb. 10 at 2:45p.m. EST.