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Paul Dykewicz


A precious metals price drop could give investors a near-term chance to buy gold and silver at bargain prices compared to just several weeks ago.  The opportunity could be fleeting as the price of gold rose $32, or 1.80%, on Dec. 1 to reach $1,811.00 per ounce, as silver surged $1.12 per ounce, or 4.94%, […]

Chinese Flag in Shape of China

Four best ways to invest in China include a T. Rowe Price (NYSE:TROW) mutual fund and three growth stocks. The four best ways to invest in China may gain enhanced promise now that former Vice President Joe Biden appears to have won the U.S. presidential election and his diplomatic experience may provide a stabilizing influence […]


Seven post-election investments to buy as they begin to ascend feature four funds, gold, an insurer and an e-commerce company for pet owners. The seven post-election investments to buy include O’Shares funds favored by Kevin O’Leary, chairman of the investment company and a panelist on the “Shark Tank” television program. O’Leary, who offered his post-election […]

[Airbus A380 airplane]

Paul Dykewicz discusses and analyzes JETS, an exchange-traded fund focused on the aviation industry.


Paul Dykewicz interviews several investment entrepreneurs who predict profitability for their exchange-traded funds that are focused on digitization.

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Food stocks to buy amid the COVID-19 crisis feature household name companies whose products hold continuing appeal during challenging times. The food stocks to buy amid the COVID-19 crisis have shown sustained demand during a time of job losses and economic weakness. Investors looking for places to invest their money should be comforted by the […]

Top 20 Living Economist's Shocking Prediction for Gold...
And his #1 way to invest in gold in 2021

Bank of America just raised its gold price target to as high as $5,000 per ounce in its new report, “The Fed Can’t Print Gold.”