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Paul Dykewicz

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Food stocks to buy amid the COVID-19 crisis feature household name companies whose products hold continuing appeal during challenging times. The food stocks to buy amid the COVID-19 crisis have shown sustained demand during a time of job losses and economic weakness. Investors looking for places to invest their money should be comforted by the […]


Hurricane reaction of National Guard members indicates stocks to purchase that might benefit from increased demand due to damage inflicted by 2020’s severe storms. The swift hurricane reaction of National Guard troops and airmen signal stocks to purchase for investors who not only may like the companies under normal conditions but especially when high winds, […]


Wildfires force risky rescues by the National Guard but show stocks to buy much the way green shoots emerge from the charred forests left behind by the path of the ferocious flames. Even though wildfires force risky rescues by the National Guard, investors seeking guidance about what to buy can find it by knowing where […]


Paul Dykewicz analyzes the civil unrest response of the National Guard and explains how it indicates which gun stocks might be of interest to investors.


Paul Dykewicz analyzes the COVID-19 crisis response of several state national guard units and then predicts which stocks will benefit.


Oracle and Walmart may save TikTok from turbulence in the cloud, despite the latter’s owner ByteDance making claims Monday, Sept. 21, about owning 80% of a proposed new TikTok Global company in violation of President Trump’s requirements for U.S. control — potentially squandering his approval of the “concept” of a partnership. TikTok, a unit of […]

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Bank of America just raised its gold price target to as high as $5,000 per ounce in its new report, “The Fed Can’t Print Gold.”