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 Supreme Court student debt forgiveness case outcome could affect how soon borrowers could shift funds to invest in the markets that otherwise may be needed to pay off their federal education loans. The Supreme Court first must decide whether the plaintiffs in two cases before it have legal standing to pursue relief from the […]


Five mid-cap pharmaceutical investments to purchase present three high-potential stocks and two exchange-traded funds, despite Russia’s war in Ukraine, inflation and recession risk. The five mid-cap pharmaceutical investments to purchase focus on stocks that have the prospect of becoming large-cap companies of $10 billion and up. Mid-cap stocks, defined by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority […]


Five pharmaceutical investments to purchase offer a measure of protection from market drops and Russia’s relentless war against Ukraine. The five pharmaceutical investments to purchase feature two exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and three large-cap stocks. Pharmaceutical stocks tend to be resilient to inflation and market risk due to the continuing needs for their products by the […]

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Five agricultural investments to purchase amid Russia’s raging war against Ukraine feature an industry fund, the world’s largest farm equipment manufacturer, a tractor supply company, a fertilizer business and a potato grower. The five agricultural investments to buy offer ways to pursue profits amid the latest threatening rhetoric and military actions from Russia against Ukraine […]

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Five food stocks to buy for fueling portfolios feature a frozen potato provider, a chocolate maker, the owner of Frito-Lay and Quaker Oats, a cheese and ketchup conglomerate, and a provider of premium sauces.    The ongoing war in Ukraine is not stopping any of the food stocks from floating above the market mayhem. People still […]


Six beverage stocks to buy for profits feature a London-based, multinational provider of premium alcohol, three U.S. soft drink companies, an energy drink maker and a creator of healthy coconut concoctions. Beverage stocks are the top-rated consumer staples sub-sector, according to BofA Global Research. Household, beauty and personal care companies followed closely behind, among stocks […]

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