Daily Data Flow: Dow Dives; Merkel’s Message; Whole Foods Hikes Dividend

U.S. stocks slid, sending the Dow Jones Industrial Average to its biggest drop in a year...

Eagle Eye Opener: Asia is Not a Profit Feast; Hurricane Sandy Damages May Hit $60 Billion

Asia is not a profit feast; Hurricane Sandy damages may hit $60 billion

Eagle Eye Opener: RIP ‘70s Japanese Tech Titans?

The holy trinity of Japanese tech titans of the 1970s have hit upon hard times -- meaning investors...

Eagle Eye Opener: U.S. Stock Futures Open; BOJ Eases

U.S. Stock Futures Open Little Changed; Bank of Japan Eases

Eagle Eye Opener: Why Just Invest in China, When You Can ‘Hyperinvest’?

Even though Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (WMT) secured “first-in” status in China years ago, the world’s second and third...

It is Time to Take Your Portfolio to China

The latest China growth figures are in — and I’m ready to buy.

Eagle Eye Opener: CEOmageddon; Apple Earnings; Futures Up

CEOmageddon; Apple Earnings; Futures Up

Eagle Eye Opener: EU Debt Rises; QE Continues

A Slow Boat to China’s Rebound ( Investors who have holdings in China received encouraging news this morning....

Eagle Eye Opener: Financial Origami; Cat Beats

Financial Origami: Japanese Exports Fold in On Themselves Again… Could Continue Through Year’s End (Bloomberg) Just Not Warm...

Eagle Eye Opener: Technology Investors Hurt by Lower-than-Expected Earnings at Google and Microsoft; EU Delay in Forming a Single Banking Regulator Clips European Markets

High-tech investors are incurring paper losses as both Google (GOOG) and Microsoft (MSFT) came up short in their...