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Agricultural Crop Production Stocks

Symbol Company Name PE Ratio PE Revenue
AAGRY ADR/PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk 0 $17,305.69B
AEPLF Anglo Eastern Plantations PLC (United Kingdom) 0 $0
AGGL AgTech Global International Inc 0 $0
AGRO Adecoagro SA 0 $1.23B
AGSO AgriSolar Solutions Inc 0 $17.50M
ALCO Alico, Inc. 9 $108.97M
AMHV ASC Biosciences Inc 0 $6.49M
ANDE Andersons Inc 126 $10.75B
AYAG Amaya Global Holdings Corp 0 $0
BIOX Bioceres Crop Solutions Corp 122 $213.68M
BOGMF Bogo Medellin Milling Co., Inc. (Philippines) 0 $268.73M
BYIN Baying Ecological Holding Group Inc 0 $0
CHSCM Red Pfd Ser 3 Cl B 6.75%/CHS Inc 0 $38.22B
CIDHF China Agri-Industries Holdings Limited 0 $82.35B
CLAD China Liaoning Dingxu Ecological Agriculture Development Inc 0 $329,441
CLAVF Camellia PLC (United Kingdom) 0 $298.30M
CMGHF Chaoda Modern Agriculture Holdings Ltd 0 $72.32M
CMGHY Chaoda Modern Agriculture Holdings Ltd 0 $213.39M
CRESF Cresud SA Comercial Industrial Financiera Y Agropecuaria Cres 0 $0
CRESY ADR (Sponsored)/Cresud SA Comercial Industrial Financiera Y Agropecuaria Cres 0 $72.98B
CTTQF Costa Group Holdings Ltd 0 $477.60M
EGBB Earth Gen-Biofuel Inc 0 $0
FLAF Farm Lands of Africa Inc 0 $0
FQCC Fuquan Capital Management Inc 0 $0
FRNFF Feronia Inc 0 $21.11M
GARPY ADR/Golden Agri-Resources Ltd. 0 $11.79B
GBHPF Global Hemp Group Inc 0 $0
GCEH Global Clean Energy Holdings, Inc. 0 $0
GPSDF Grupo Pochteca Sab De CV 0 $0
GRCLF GrainCorp Ltd 0 $4.85B
GRLD Grilled Cheese Truck Inc 0 $2.97M
GWPD GP Solutions Inc 0 $4.25M
HERB YaSheng Group (CA) 0 $1.17B
IGPFF Imperial Ginseng Products Ltd 0 $13.60M
KNKZF KWS SAAT AG (Germany) 0 $0
LMNR Limoneira Co 0 $199.45M
LND ADR/Brasilagro Cia Brasileira De Propriedades Agricolas 0 $970.39M
MULG Muliang Agritech Inc 117 $0
NBGV New Bridge Global Ventures Inc 0 $42,725
NNUTU Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Orchards LP 0 $0
NTR Nutrien Ltd 40 $28.69B
NUGS Cannabis Strategic Ventures 0 $18.48M
OGAA Organic Agricultural Co Ltd 0 $0
OLMIF Ord/Olam International Ltd. 0 $42.69B
OLMIY ADR/Olam International Ltd. 0 $42.69B
OPCGF Organic Potash Corp 0 $0
ORENF Origin Enterprises Plc 0 $1.42B
ORGH OrgHarvest Inc 0 $0
PCHK Pacific Conquest Holdings Inc 0 $0
PHOT Growlife Inc 0 $7.82M
PLHCF Plant Health Care Plc, London 0 $8.13M
PPLFF PT Perusahaan Perkebunan London Sumatra Indone (Indonesia) 0 $4,189.62B
PPLFY ADR/PT Perusahaan Perkebunan London Sumatra Indone (Indonesia) 0 $4,738.02B
PTABF PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk 0 $12,675.00B
RTGIF Roto-Gro International Ltd 0 $0
SANW S&W Seed Co. 0 $98.91M
SCNA SMART Cannabis Corp 0 $-187,923
SDSYA South Dakota Soybean Processors LLC 16 $476.82M
SEED Origin Agritech Ltd 0 $146.43M
SHVTF Select Harvests Ltd. 0 $210.24M
SLCJF SLC Agricola S.A. 0 $0
SLCJY ADR (Sponsored)/SLC Agricola S.A. 0 $268.70M
SNDL Sundial Growers Inc 0 $90.51M
STEV Stevia Corp 0 $7.72M
STNT Stevia Nutra Corp 0 $0
SZSN Shandong Zhouyuan Seed & Nursery Co 0 $6.69M
TNBI Tanke Biosciences Corp 0 $29.00M
UAN CVR Partners LP 0 $440.25M
UPBMF United Plantations Berhad (Malaysia) 0 $1.23B
URBF Urban Barns Foods Inc 0 $241,913
URYL United Royale Holdings Corp 0 $0
VFF Village Farms International Inc. 0 $112.01M
VFRM Veritas Farms Inc 0 $7.88M
VFRMD Veritas Farms Inc 0 $8.73M
WEBEF Webster Ltd 0 $0
WLMIF Ord/Wilmar International Ltd 0 $41.40B
WLMIY ADR/Wilmar International Ltd 0 $42.64B
YEWB Yew Bio-Pharm Group Inc 0 $35.44M
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