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Brokers & Intermediaries Stocks

Symbol Company Name PE Ratio PE Revenue
ADHG Ando Holdings Ltd 0 $0
AJG Gallagher (Arthur J.) & Co. 30 $8.87B
AMDUF Amundi SA 0 $0
AON Ord Cl A/Aon plc (Ireland) 27 $13.37B
ARINA Arista Investors Corp. 0 $0
BNO United States Brent Oil Fund L.P. 0 $68.06M
BRO Brown & Brown Inc 30 $3.22B
BRP BRP Group Inc 0 $273.67M
CANE Teucrium Commodity Trust 0 $47.16M
CORN Teucrium Commodity Trust 0 $47.16M
CRD__A Cl A Com/Crawford & Co. 35 $1.27B
CRD__B Cl B Com/Crawford & Co. 0 $1.27B
EACC eAutoclaims Inc 0 $0
EBML eBullion Inc 0 $1.08M
EHTH eHealth Inc 25 $685.49M
FANH ADR (Sponsored)/Fanhua Inc 0 $4.24B
FNNTF Fintech Group AG 0 $0
GTTXF LumX Group Ltd 0 $0
HAHRF Harel Insurance Investments Ltd. 0 $0
HUIZ Huize Holding Ltd 0 $1.44B
KYNC KYN Capital Group Inc 0 $0
MGHL Morgan Group Holding Co. 2 $7.43M
MMC Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc. 28 $21.04B
NEGXF Nexgenrx Inc 0 $0
PCDVF Pacific Century Regional Developments Ltd. (Singapore) 0 $0
PCPZ Leeward Group Holdings Inc 0 $1.73M
RDBBF Redbubble Ltd 0 $416.26M
RDBBY Redbubble Ltd 0 $0
RELI Ethos Media Network Inc 0 $5.67M
RLLMF Real Matters Inc 31 $580.38M
SAXPF Sampo OYJ 0 $17.64B
SAXPY ADR/Sampo OYJ 0 $17.64B
SLQT SelectQuote Inc 0 $454.95M
SOYB Teucrium Commodity Trust 0 $47.16M
TRKYY Turkiye Sinai Kalkinma Bankasi A.S. 0 $1.24B
TW Cl A/Tradeweb Markets Inc 75 $1.07B
UIBGF UIB Group Ltd 0 $0
UIBWF UIB Group Ltd 0 $0
UMCN UMC, Inc. 0 $2.37M
UNL United States 12 Month Natural Gas Fund LP 0 $1.00M
USCI United States Commodity Index Fund 0 $-12,158,133
WEAT Teucrium Commodity Trust 0 $47.16M
WLTW Ord/Willis Towers Watson Public Ltd Co 25 $11.29B
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