Communications Stocks

Communications Industries:

Symbol Company Name PE Ratio PE Industry Revenue
AAFRF Ord USD 0.50/Airtel Africa PLC 0 Services $4.71B
AAPJ AAP, Inc. 0 Manufacturing $811,120
AARTY Airtel Africa PLC 0 Services $0
ABNB Cl A Com/Airbnb Inc 41 Services $10.91B
ABWN Airborne Wireless Network 0 Services $0
ADTN ADTRAN Holdings Inc 0 Manufacturing $1.16B
ADVOF ADVA Optical Networking SE 0 Manufacturing $804.53M
AEY ADDvantage Technologies Group, Inc. 0 Manufacturing $117.75M
AFRMF Alphaform AG (Germany) 0 Services $25.22M
AHG ADR/Akso Health Group 0 Services $1.75M
AKOM Aerkomm Inc 0 Services $4.62M
AKTS Akoustis Technologies Inc 0 Manufacturing $24.62M
ALBBY ADR/Alibaba Health Information Technology Ltd 0 Services $15.52B
ALBHF Ord/Alibaba Health Information Technology Ltd 0 Services $15.52B
ALEQP Alta Equipment Group Inc 0 Services $0
ALLE Ord/Allegion Plc 23 Services $4.03B
ALVRQ Alvarion Ltd 0 Services $89.17M
AMOV ADR (Sponsored) Repstg Ser A/America Movil SAB de CV 0 Services $957.00B
AMOVF Cl A Ord/America Movil SAB de CV 0 Services $998.06B
AMPG AmpliTech Group Inc 0 Manufacturing $23.28M
AMPGD AmpliTech Group Inc -90 Manufacturing $4.82M
AMPGW Wt Exp 01/01/2026/AmpliTech Group Inc 0 Manufacturing $23.28M
AMX ADR Sponsored Repstg Ser L Shs/America Movil SAB de CV 130 Services $957.00B
AMXVF Cl L Ord/America Movil SAB de CV 0 Services $957.00B
ANDR Andrea Electronics Corp. 0 Manufacturing $2.72M
ANGI Cl A/Angi Inc 0 Services $2.36B
APMRF Amper S.A. 0 Manufacturing $0
AQIS Aquis Communications Group, Inc 0 Services $12.85M
ARTM American Nortel Communications Inc. 0 Manufacturing $4.82M
ASAP Waitr Holdings Inc 0 Services $0
ASNS Actelis Networks Inc 0 Services $10.20M
ASPGF Aspire Global Plc 0 Services $0
ATATL Dep Shs Repstg 1/1000th Perp Pfd Ser A/AT&T Inc 0 Services $0
ATEX Anterix Inc 0 Services $1.85M
ATGN AltiGen Communications Inc 0 Manufacturing $13.78M
ATNI ATN International Inc 0 Services $903.51M
ATSKF Allied Telesis Holdings KK 0 Manufacturing $0
ATTXL AT&T Inc 0 Services $228.01B
AUDC Ord/AudioCodes Ltd (Israel) 21 Services $322.80M
AUGX Augmedix Inc 0 Services $36.62M
AVIFY ADR (Sponsored)/Advanced Info Service Public Co Ltd 0 Services $181.33B
AVIKF Advanced Info Service Public Co Ltd 0 Services $126.44B
AVIVF Advanced Info Service Public Co Ltd 0 Services $172.89B
AVNW Aviat Networks, Inc. 28 Manufacturing $392.30M
AVOZ Altavoz Entertainment Inc 0 Services $741,365
AXTLF Axtel SA de CV 0 Services $10.60B
AXXTF Axiata Group Bhd 0 Services $24.20B
BCCCF BCE Inc 0 Services $0
BCCHF Beam Communications Holdings Ltd 0 Services $0
BCE BCE Inc 0 Services $29.62B
BCOM B Communications Ltd. 1 Services $10.95B
BCOMF B Communications Ltd. 0 Services $10.93B
BCPPF BCE Inc 0 Services $29.62B
BDR Blonder Tongue Laboratories, Inc. 0 Manufacturing $19.19M
BDRL Blonder Tongue Laboratories, Inc. 0 Manufacturing $22.09M
BECEF 1st Pfd Shs Cl AH/BCE Inc 0 Services $29.44B
BENGF Sky & Space Global Ltd 0 Services $54,376
BETW Bettwork Industries Inc 0 Services $6.84M
BGAOF Ord/Proximus SA De Droit Pub 0 Services $10.55B
BGAOY ADR/Proximus SA De Droit Pub 0 Services $10.55B
BKSD Blueprint Technologies Inc. 0 Services $21.48M
BKTI BK Technologies Corp 0 Manufacturing $55.37M
BLKLF Blackline Safety Corp 0 Manufacturing $71.65M
BRAXF Braxia Scientific Corp 0 Manufacturing $1.01M
BRC Cl A Com/Brady Corp 16 Manufacturing $1.63B
BTAVF BATM Advanced Communications Ltd 0 Manufacturing $183.57M
BTGOF Ord/BT Group Plc 0 Services $44.57B
BUDTD Ealixir Inc 0 Services $26.54M
BWMN Bowman Consulting Group Ltd 70 Services $299.28M
BYLTF Baylin Technologies Inc 0 Manufacturing $139.72M
BZQIF Ord/BEZEQ The Israel Telecommunication Corp Ltd 0 Services $19.60B
BZQIY ADR/BEZEQ The Israel Telecommunication Corp Ltd 0 Services $19.21B
CAAP Ord/Corporacion America Airports SA 25 Services $1.34B
CALX Calix Inc 105 Services $1.04B
CAMP CalAmp Corp 0 Manufacturing $347.54M
CARG Cl A/CarGurus Inc 0 Services $2.13B
CCOP Competitive Companies Inc 0 Services $52,312
CCTM Inc 0 Services $0
CCTTF CITIC Telecom International Holdings Ltd 0 Services $0
CCYNF CYAN AG 0 Services $0
CELX Celexpress Inc 0 Services $0
CGEAF Sub Vtg Shs/Cogeco Communications Inc 8 Services $3.63B
CHGT Changing Technologies Inc 0 Services $3,391
CHJHF Cl H Ord/China Telecom Corp Ltd 0 Services $352.29B
CHLKF Ord/China Mobile Limited 0 Services $745.92B
CHMD Median Group Inc 0 Services $575,185
CHT ADR 2011Sponsored ( New)/Chunghwa Telecom Co Ltd 231 Services $266.94B
CHUFF Ord Shs/China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd 0 Services $292.60B
CHWTF Coolpad Group Ltd 0 Manufacturing $1.86B
CIAU CIAO Group Inc 0 Services $0
CIBY CIBL Inc 0 Services $2.29M
CLCL CALCOL Inc. 0 Manufacturing $0
CLFD Clearfield Inc 32 Manufacturing $365.91M
CLLNY ADR/Cellnex Telecom SA 0 Services $2.53B
CLNXF Ord/Cellnex Telecom SA 0 Services $2.53B
CLRD Clearday Inc 0 Manufacturing $15.32M
CLRO ClearOne Inc 0 Manufacturing $34.65M
CMTL Com. (New)/Comtech Telecommunications Corp. 0 Manufacturing $613.22M
CNSL Consolidated Communications Holdings Inc 3 Services $1.51B
CNTF China TechFaith Wireless Communication Technology Ltd 0 Services $166.31M
CNTFY China TechFaith Wireless Communication Technology Ltd 0 Services $0
COBJF Comba Telecom Systems Holdings Ltd 0 Manufacturing $6.73B
COMM CommScope Holding Co Inc 0 Manufacturing $11.52B
COOSF Act/Carbios SA 0 Services $1.08M
CORG Cordia Corp 0 Services $0
CPNBF Telefonica del Peru S.A. (Peru) 0 Services $0
CRHC Cl A/Cohn Robbins Holdings Corp 77 Services $0
CRHC.WT Wt Exp 08/28/2025/Cohn Robbins Holdings Corp 0 Services $0
CRHCU Unit 1 Cl A & 1/3 Wt Exp 08/28/2025/Cohn Robbins Holdings Corp 0 Services $0
CRHWF Cohn Robbins Holdings Corp 0 Services $0
CRNT Ord/Ceragon Networks Ltd 0 Services $365.54M
CRRCF Cohn Robbins Holdings Corp 77 Services $0
CRTO ADR (Sponsored)/Criteo S.A. 26 Services $2.55B
CSCO Cisco Systems Inc 18 Manufacturing $65.92B
CSRH Consorteum Holdings Inc 0 Services $0
CSZZF ClearStar Inc 0 Services $0
CTBB 6.500% Nt 09/01/2056/Qwest Corp 0 Services $8.23B
CTDD 6.75% Nts 06/15/2057/Qwest Corp 0 Services $8.23B
CTLED MUCINNO HLDG INC 0 Manufacturing $0
CUCSF China Communications Services Corporation Limited 0 Services $32.47B
CUCSY China Communications Services Corporation Limited 0 Services $0
CVAS Creative Vistas Inc 0 Services $1.36M
CVSGF CVS Group PLC 0 Services $0
CVST Covista Communications Inc. 0 Services $64.15M
CYBD Cyber Digital, Inc. 0 Manufacturing $4.21M
CYSNF C-Com Satellite Systems Inc 0 Manufacturing $20.43M
DCSX Direct Communication Solutions Inc 0 Services $12.43M
DGNG Diguang International Development Co., Ltd. 0 Manufacturing $13.41M
DIGBF (Berhad) 0 Services $0
DIRV Com Par $0.0001 (New)/DirectView Holdings Inc 0 Services $4.32M
DKSHF DKSH Holding Ltd 0 Services $11.01B
DOGZ Cl A Com/Dogness (International) Corp 0 Manufacturing $27.10M
DRKTF Ord GBP 0.01/Darktrace plc 0 Services $0
DRKTY Darktrace plc 0 Services $0
DTEGF Ord (New)/Deutsche Telekom AG 0 Services $209.79B
DTEGY ADR (Sponsored)/Deutsche Telekom AG 0 Services $209.79B
DTGI Digerati Technologies Inc 0 Services $32.35M
DZSI DZS Inc 0 Manufacturing $480.97M
ECUI Ecuity Inc 0 Services $0
EJH E-Home Household Service Holdings Ltd 0 Services $63.75M
ELMUF Elisa Corporation 0 Services $2.38B
ELMUY ADR/Elisa Corporation 0 Services $2.59B
ELSLF Elsight Ltd 0 Services $0
ELSSF Elis 0 Services $2.21B
ERFB Com Par $0.001/ERF Wireless Inc 0 Services $26,000
ERIC ADR Cl B (New)/Ericsson 11 Services $324.94B
ERIXF Ord Cl B/Ericsson 0 Services $464.70B
ESKKF Etherstack Plc 0 Manufacturing $0
ETCIA Electronic Tele-Communications, Inc. 0 Manufacturing $2.31M
EVIO EVIO Inc 0 Services $5.17M
EVSLF eve Sleep PLC 0 Manufacturing $0
EVTZF Evertz Technologies Ltd 13 Manufacturing $831.45M
FA First Advantage Corp (New) 33 Services $1.02B
FGBDF First Global Data Ltd. 0 Services $6.24M
FITGF Ord/Foxconn Interconnect Technology Ltd 0 Services $4.37B
FKWL Franklin Wireless Corp 0 Manufacturing $36.87M
FLTCF Filtronic Plc (United Kingdom) 0 Manufacturing $24.00M
FMHS Farmhouse Inc 0 Services $5,645
FN Ord Shs/Fabrinet 22 Manufacturing $3.03B
FNCTF Ord/Orange 0 Services $42.53B
FRTAF Freenet AG 0 Services $0
FRTAY ADR/Freenet AG 0 Services $0
FTDR Frontdoor Inc 28 Services $2.15B
FUIG Fusion Interactive Corp 0 Services $4.10M
FULO Fullnet Communications Inc 8 Services $5.36M
FVRR Ord/Fiverr International Ltd 0 Services $410.78M
FXCNF FIH Mobile Ltd 0 Manufacturing $14.38B
FXCNY ADR/FIH Mobile Ltd 0 Manufacturing $8.58B
FYBR Frontier Communications Parent Inc 13 Services $9.57B
GAMCF Gamma Communications PLC 0 Services $0
GCHT GC China Turbine Corp 0 Manufacturing $0
GILT Ord (New)/Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. 0 Manufacturing $275.65M
GLGI Greystone Logistics Inc 9 Manufacturing $97.30M
GNRD General Datacomm Industries Inc. 0 Manufacturing $9.66M
GOGO Gogo Inc 6 Services $493.52M
GRNQ Greenpro Capital Corp 0 Services $4.75M
GRRR Ord/Gorilla Technology Group Inc 0 Services $42.24M
GRRRW Wt Exp/Gorilla Technology Group Inc 0 Services $42.24M
GSAT Globalstar Inc 0 Services $179.30M
GTMEF Ord/Globe Telecom Inc (Philippines) 0 Services $103.24B
GTMEY ADR/Globe Telecom Inc (Philippines) 0 Services $166.66B
HAPBF Com Sub Vtg Shs/Hapbee Technologies Inc 0 Manufacturing $1.73M
HDSLD HealthSpace Data Systems Ltd 0 Services $5.23M
HDVW HD View 360 Inc 0 Services $779,097
HKBNF HKBN Ltd 0 Services $3.23B
HKBNY HKBN Ltd 0 Services $0
HKTGF Hikari Tsushin Inc 0 Services $1,139.69B
HKTTF Stapled Unit/HKT Trust & HKT Ltd 0 Services $35.19B
HKTTY ADR/HKT Trust & HKT Ltd 0 Services $33.10B
HLIT Harmonic, Inc. 34 Manufacturing $772.17M
HLKKF Pontus Protein Ltd 0 Services $0
HLTOF Ord/Hellenic Telecommunications Organization SA 0 Services $8.20B
HLTOY ADR (Sponsored)/Hellenic Telecommunications Organization SA 0 Services $7.66B
HMMR Hammer Fiber Optics Holdings Corp 0 Services $3.45M
HMNKF HMS Networks AB 0 Manufacturing $0
HSWLF Hostelworld Group PLC 0 Services $86.67M
HTCCY HTC Corp 0 Manufacturing $0
HTCKF HTC Corp 0 Manufacturing $187.91B
HTCTF Ord/Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Ltd. 0 Services $4.55B
HTCXF HTC Corp 0 Manufacturing $0
HTWSF Helios Towers PLC 0 Communications $449.10M
HUTCY ADR (New)/Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Ltd. 0 Services $4.55B
HX Hexindai Inc 0 Services $1.75M
IDT Cl B Com (New)/IDT Corp 26 Services $1.69B
IGGGF IGG Inc 0 Services $667.65M
IGLDD Internet Gold Golden Lines Ltd 0 Services $0
IGLDF Internet Gold Golden Lines Ltd 0 Services $0
ILIAF Ord/Iliad SA 0 Services $4.72B
IMTO InterMetro Communications, Inc. (NV) 0 Services $4.32M
INFN Infinera Corp 0 Manufacturing $1.88B
INHC Innolog Holdings Corp. 0 Services $1.56M
INSG Inseego Corp 0 Services $334.47M
INVT Inventergy Global Inc 0 Services $1.36M
IQST iQSTEL Inc 0 Services $104.85M
IRDM Iridium Communications Inc 1,266 Services $867.15M
IREN Ord/Iris Energy Ltd 0 Services $41.92M
ISPD Interspeed Inc 0 Manufacturing $0
ITMPF Ord/ITM Power Plc, Stamford 0 Manufacturing $5.63M
IWAL iWallet Corp 0 Manufacturing $10,050
JASUF Jasmine International Public Co Ltd 0 Services $0
JMIA ADR (Sponsored)/Jumia Technologies AG 0 Services $0
JSFCF Sistema PJSFC 0 Services $777.41B
JUMT Juma Technology Corp 0 Services $-4,161,825
KBDHF Kabel Deutschland Holding AG 0 Services $0
KDDIF Ord/KDDI Corp 0 Services $9,780.34B
KDDIY ADR/KDDI Corp 0 Services $9,780.34B
KKPNF Ord/Koninklijke KPN NV 0 Services $8.58B
KKPNY ADR (Sponsored)/Koninklijke KPN NV 0 Services $8.58B
KPIFF Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc 0 Services $77,700
KSCP Cl A Accd Inv/Knightscope Inc 0 Manufacturing $7.98M
KSHTY Kuaishou Technology 0 Services $0
KT ADR (Sponsored)/KT Corp (Korea) 0 Services $31,147.00B
KTB Kontoor Brands Inc 11 Manufacturing $3.19B
KTEL KonaTel Inc 0 Services $25.03M
KUASF USD Cl B Ord/Kuaishou Technology 0 Services $58.78B
KVHI KVH Industries, Inc. 0 Manufacturing $210.88M
LEGH Legacy Housing Corp 7 Manufacturing $291.30M
LICT LICT Corp 16 Services $162.78M
LITE Lumentum Holdings Inc 34 Manufacturing $2.28B
LKADF Link Administration Holdings Ltd 0 Services $0
LLEIF Lleidanetworks Serveis Telematics SA 0 Services $0
LOMA ADS (Sponsored) Repstg 5 Ord Shs/Loma Negra Compania Industrial Argentina Sociedad Anonima 45 Manufacturing $111.94B
LPTH Cl A (New)/LightPath Technologies, Inc. 0 Manufacturing $41.19M
LTCCF Lite Access Technologies Inc 0 Services $7.03M
LTTC Lattice Inc 0 Services $8.73M
LUMN Lumen Technologies Inc 3 Services $22.92B
LYLT Loyalty Ventures Inc 0 Services $890.08M
LYNS Lightyear Network Solutions Inc. 0 Services $15.59M
MAOTF Maroc Telecom 0 Services $0
MAXSF Maxis BHD 0 Services $0
MBISF Ord/Orange Belgium SA 0 Services $3.00B
MCNO Mucinno Holdings Inc 0 Manufacturing $0
MCW Mister Car Wash Inc 24 Services $1.07B
MGNT Meganet Corp 0 Manufacturing $0
MICCF Millicom International Cellular SA 0 Services $6.35B
MINM Minim Inc 0 Manufacturing $64.30M
MMBMF Masmovil Ibercom SA 0 Services $0
MNAO Minaro Corp 0 Services $0
MPNGY ADR/Meituan 0 Services $114.79B
MSI Motorola Solutions Inc 39 Manufacturing $11.10B
MTNOF Ord/MTN Group Ltd (South Africa) 0 Services $181.65B
MTNOY ADR Sponsored/MTN Group Ltd (South Africa) 0 Services $181.65B
MUGH MU Global Holding Inc 450 Services $100,856
MXTSF Maxcom Telecomunicaciones SAB de CV 0 Services $4.76B
NADA North American Datacom Inc 0 Services $566,039
NCRA Nocera Inc 0 Services $14.20M
NCRAD Nocera Inc -3 Services $0
NEXD Next Dynamics Inc 0 Services $0
NEXPF NEXI SpA 0 Services $0
NEXXY ADR/NEXI SpA 0 Services $1.66B
NIU ADR/Niu Technologies 38 Manufacturing $4.44B
NOEJF Norma Group AG 0 Services $0
NOHO Novation Holdings Inc 0 Services $0
NOK ADR (Sponsored)/Nokia Corp 16 Manufacturing $30.12B
NOKBF Ord/Nokia Corp 0 Manufacturing $30.12B
NPNTQ NorthPoint Communications Group, Inc. 0 Services $-9,407,576,000
NPPXF Ord/Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp (Japan) 0 Services $23,547.46B
NRRWF NuRan Wireless Inc 0 Services $4.26M
NTGR Netgear Inc 0 Manufacturing $1.18B
NTLK Net Inc 0 Services $5.64M
NTTYY ADR (Sponsored)/Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp (Japan) 0 Services $23,547.46B
NUHRF Nuheara Ltd 0 Manufacturing $1.74M
NUTTQ Nutroganics Inc 0 Manufacturing $8.14M
NUVR Nuvera Communications Inc 11 Services $82.37M
NWBD New World Brands Inc 0 Services $161,140
NWTT NW Technical Capital Inc 0 Services $1.09M
NXTBF Next Biometrics Group AS 0 Manufacturing $0
OCG Ord/Oriental Culture Holding Ltd 0 Services $37.60M
OIBRQ ADR (Sponsored) Repstg Pfd (New)/Oi SA 0 Services $13.17B
OIBR_C Oi SA 0 Services $4.57B
OIBZQ ADR (Sponsored) (New) 2016/Oi SA 0 Services $13.17B
ONCP 141 Capital, Inc. 0 Services $0
OPEN Opendoor Technologies Inc 0 Services $19.89B
ORAN ADR (Sponsored)/Orange 0 Services $42.53B
ORSX Orsus Xelent Technologies Inc 0 Services $23.54M
OTOW O2 Secure Wireless Inc 0 Manufacturing $468,690
OUST Ouster Inc 0 Manufacturing $53.15M
OUST.WT Wt Exp 03/11/2026/Ouster Inc 0 Manufacturing $53.15M
PASO Com New/Patient Access Solutions, Inc. 0 Services $306,651
PASOD Patient Access Solutions, Inc. 0 Services $2.37M
PAYO Payoneer Global Inc 0 Services $742.20M
PAYOW Wt Exp 06/25/2026/Payoneer Global Inc 0 Services $742.20M
PAYS Paysign Inc 146 Services $46.78M
PCCWY ADR Sponsored (New)/PCCW Ltd 0 Services $38.05B
PCTI PCTEL Inc 72 Manufacturing $125.50M
PCWLF Ord (New)/PCCW Ltd 0 Services $38.05B
PDXP PDX Partners Inc 0 Services $960
PEGY Pineapple Energy Inc 8 Manufacturing $26.38M
PHI ADR (Sponsored)/PLDT Inc 11 Services $250.27B
PHRZF Pharol SGPS SA 0 Services $2.91B
PHTCF Ord/PLDT Inc 0 Services $228.79B
PIHN Polaris International Holdings Inc 0 Services $15,040
PMEDF PredictMedix Inc 0 Services $0
PNTG Pennant Group Inc 364 Services $578.69M
PRKR ParkerVision Inc 0 Manufacturing $0
PRLB Proto Labs Inc 30 Manufacturing $618.09M
PRM Ord/Perimeter Solutions SA 0 Manufacturing $525.62M
PRMFF Perimeter Solutions SA 0 Manufacturing $525.62M
PSSR Passur Aerospace, Inc. 0 Services $7.31M
PSTO Powerstorm Holdings Inc 0 Services $359,380
PTITF PT Indosat Tbk 0 Services $46,804.24B
PTNR ADR/Partner Communications Co., Ltd. 0 Services $6.55B
PTTWF Orange Polska SA 0 Services $0
PTXAF PT XL Axiata Tbk 0 Services $0
PTXKY ADR/PT XL Axiata Tbk 0 Services $25,132.63B
PWDY Powerdyne International Inc. 0 Manufacturing $224
QBAN Telco Cuba Inc 0 Services $370,287
QCOM Qualcomm Inc 11 Manufacturing $55.60B
QEDN QED Connect Inc 0 Services $305,000
RCI Cl B Non Vtg Com/Rogers Communications Inc 0 Services $18.94B
RCIAF Cl A Conv Com/Rogers Communications Inc 17 Services $18.94B
RHHMY RHI Magnesita NV 0 Manufacturing $0
RITT RIT Technologies Ltd 0 Services $17.80M
RMGNF RHI Magnesita NV 0 Manufacturing $0
RMTD Remote Dynamics Inc 0 Services $1.29M
RNRTF Reunert Ltd. 0 Services $0
RNRTY ADR/Reunert Ltd. 0 Services $1.53B
ROKKD Rokk3r Inc 0 Services $0
ROSYY ADR (Sponsored)/Rostelecom PJSC 0 Services $634.78B
RTAS REDtone Asia, Inc. 0 Services $4.82M
RWRDP iConsumer Corp 0 Services $0
SATS Cl A Com/EchoStar Corp 25 Services $2.49B
SATX SatixFy Communications Ltd 0 Services $21.72M
SATXXA SatixFy Communications Ltd 0 Services $21.72M
SBAC Cl A/SBA Communications Corp (New) 79 Services $3.22B
SCIXF Suny Cellular Communication Ltd 0 Services $1.22B
SCMWY ADR (Sponsored)/SwissCom AG 0 Services $16.72B
SCOND Cearday Inc 0 Manufacturing $0
SECI Sector 10, Inc. 0 Manufacturing $0
SFSLF SFS Group AG 0 Manufacturing $1.65B
SFTBF Ord/SoftBank Group Corp 0 Services $12,888.19B
SFTBY ADR/SoftBank Group Corp 0 Services $12,888.19B
SFTWF Software Radio Technology PLC, Bath 0 Manufacturing $0
SGAPY ADR (Sponsored) (New) 2006/Singapore Telecommunications Ltd 0 Services $33.52B
SGTM Sustainable Green Team Ltd 0 Services $0
SHEN CDT-Com/Shenandoah Telecommunications Co 0 Services $326.89M
SHNUF Intouch Holdings Public Co Ltd 0 Services $35.48B
SIMTF SIM Technology Group Ltd 0 Manufacturing $1.28B
SKM ADR (Sponsored) (New)/SK Telecom Co Ltd (South Korea) 0 Services $24,473.97B
SLGG Super League Gaming Inc 0 Services $23.26M
SLNTY Solutions 30 SE 0 Services $0
SLUNF Solutions 30 SE 0 Services $0
SLXXF Fintech Select Ltd 0 Services $4.46M
SNGNF Shs Board Lot 1000/Singapore Telecommunications Ltd 0 Services $33.83B
SNMMF Sunrise Communications Group Ltd 0 Communications $1.88B
SNWR Sanwire Corp 0 Services $391,956
SPKKY ADR (Sponsored)/Spark New Zealand Ltd 0 Services $3.57B
SPMYY ADR Sponsored (New)/Spirent Communications plc 0 Services $576.00M
SPNUF Ord/Spirent Communications plc 0 Services $522.40M
SPOK Spok Holdings Inc 0 Services $169.57M
SPPDQ SpeedCast International Ltd 0 Services $0
SRHBY ADR/Starhub Ltd 0 Services $4.78B
SSHT SSHT S&T Group Ltd 0 Services $0
STRY Com Cl A/Starry Group Holdings Inc 0 Services $37.82M
STRY.WT Wt Exp/Starry Group Holdings Inc 0 Services $37.82M
SUNTF SunCorp Technologies Ltd 0 Manufacturing $202.55M
SWHI Next Dynamics Inc 0 Services $0
SWHID Next Dynamics Inc 0 Services $51,030
SWIR Sierra Wireless Inc 0 Manufacturing $781.22M
SWZCF Reg Shs/SwissCom AG 0 Services $16.72B
SYPT Scrypt Inc 0 Manufacturing $6.96M
SYTA Siyata Mobile Inc 0 Services $9.48M
SYTAW Wt Pur Com Exp 09/25/2025/Siyata Mobile Inc 0 Services $9.48M
T AT&T Inc 7 Services $168.79B
TACYY ADR/Total Access Communication Public Co Ltd 0 Services $78.82B
TAPP Tap Resources Inc 0 Services $13,734
TCCO Technical Communications Corp 0 Manufacturing $1.94M
TCLHF Ord/TCL Electronics Holdings Ltd 0 Manufacturing $50.95B
TCMFF Ord B 1 Vote Shs/Telecom Argentina SA 0 Services $599.93B
TCPFF True Corporation Public Co Ltd 0 Services $140.94B
TDS Telephone & Data Systems Inc 25 Services $6.82B
TEF ADR (Sponsored)/Telefonica SA 2 Services $48.46B
TEFOF Ord/Telefonica SA 0 Services $48.46B
TELDF Namens-Aktien O.N/Telefonica Deutschland Holding AG 0 Services $7.53B
TELDY Telefonica Deutschland Holding AG 0 Services $0
TELLF Tellza Inc 0 Services $0
TELNY ADR (Sponsored)/Telenor ASA 0 Services $160.08B
TEO ADR (Sponsored) Repstg Cl B Shs/Telecom Argentina SA 117 Services $599.93B
TERA TeraForce Technology Corp 0 Manufacturing $5.54M
TFAOF O2 Czech Republic AS 0 Services $38.33B
TFBRF Telefonica Brasil SA 0 Services $0
TFONF Telefonos de Mexico SAB de CV 0 Services $194.99B
TFZI Fight Zone, Inc. 0 Manufacturing $0
TGDLF Tongdao Liepin Group 0 Services $0
TGLVY ADR (Sponsored)/Top Glove Corp Berhad 0 Manufacturing $7.24B
TGRP Tron Group Inc 0 Services $865,687
TIAIY ADR Sponsored Repstg Svgs Shs/Telecom Italia SpA 0 Services $35.94B
TIAJF Telecom Italia SpA 0 Services $36.40B
TIAOF Ord/Telecom Italia SpA 0 Services $35.94B
TIGO Reg Shs/Millicom International Cellular SA 2 Services $6.98B
TIIAY ADR Sponsored Repstg Ord Shs/Telecom Italia SpA 0 Services $35.94B
TIMB ADR (Sponsored)/TIM S.A. 57 Services $24.77B
TKAGY ADR (Sponsored)/Telekom Austria AG 0 Services $6.69B
TKC ADR (Sponsored) (New)/Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri AS 25 Services $46.11B
TKOI Telkonet Inc. 0 Services $9.79M
TLFX Telefix Communications Holdings Inc 0 Services $1,165
TLK ADR (Sponsored)/PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Persero) TBK 0 Services $242,992.00B
TLKGY ADR (Sponsored)/Telkom SA SOC Ltd 0 Manufacturing $43.22B
TLLEQ Teletouch Communications, Inc. 0 Services $27.96M
TLSNF Ord/Telia Company AB 0 Services $139.43B
TLSNY ADR/Telia Company AB 0 Services $139.43B
TLTZF Cl B Ord (New)/Tele2 AB 0 Services $41.29B
TLTZY ADR/Tele2 AB 0 Services $41.29B
TMIX Tarsin Mobile Inc 0 Services $498,443
TMUS T-Mobile US Inc 123 Services $99.56B
TMXLF Telefonos de Mexico SAB de CV 0 Services $194.99B
TNPH Tian'an Pharmaceutical Co Ltd 0 Services $0
TONR Tonner-One World Holdings Inc 0 Manufacturing $1.01M
TPGTF TPG Telecom Ltd (New) 0 Services $0
TPGVF Ord/Top Glove Corp Berhad 0 Manufacturing $7.24B
TPPTY TPG Telecom Ltd. 21 Services $0
TRAGF TeraGo Inc 0 Services $58.72M
TRKNF Turk Telekomunikasyon AS (Tuvalu) 0 Services $0
TRKNY ADR/Turk Telekomunikasyon AS (Tuvalu) 0 Services $20.43B
TSSZF Tessi (France) 0 Services $0
TTLTF Total Telecom Inc 0 Services $2.85M
TTRAF Ord/Telstra Corp., Ltd. 0 Services $21.56B
TU TELUS Corp 21 Services $21.71B
TUALF Tuas Ltd 0 Services $0
TVCE TVC Telecom Inc 0 Services $7.74M
TWER Towerstream Corp 0 Services $30.44M
UAMA United American Corp (New) 0 Services $6.39M
UBSBF Kure Technologies Inc 0 Services $0
UCL ADS (Sponsored)/uCloudlink Group Inc 0 Services $88.55M
UNIV Universal Infotainment Systems Corp 0 Manufacturing $0
UNLA Unilava Corp 0 Services $2.53M
USM United States Cellular Corp 21 Services $5.27B
USRC Unisource Corp. 0 Manufacturing $0
UTSI Com Par $0.015/UTStarcom Holdings Corp 0 Manufacturing $131.87M
UZF 5.500% Sr Nt 06/01/2070/United States Cellular Corp 0 Services $5.27B
VCST Inc. 0 Manufacturing $11.45M
VDMCY ADR (Sponsored)/Vodacom Group Proprietary Ltd (South Africa) 0 Services $98.30B
VEC Vectrus Inc 11 Services $2.26B
VEON ADR (Sponsored)/VEON Ltd 2 Services $9.90B
VIEW Com Cl A/View Inc 0 Manufacturing $109.28M
VIEWW Wt/View Inc 0 Manufacturing $109.28M
VISL Com Par $0.00001/Vislink Technologies Inc 0 Manufacturing $39.18M
VIV ADR/Telefonica Brasil SA 11 Services $59.08B
VNWTF Vecima Networks Inc 56 Manufacturing $213.05M
VOAXF Voltabox AG 0 Manufacturing $12.86M
VOD ADR No Par (Sponsored)/Vodafone Group Plc 0 Services $45.58B
VODAF Ord/Vodacom Group Proprietary Ltd (South Africa) 0 Services $86.37B
VODPF Ord (New)/Vodafone Group Plc 0 Services $45.58B
VS Versus Systems Inc 0 Services $1.52M
VSAT Viasat Inc 0 Services $3.41B
VSRV Voiceserve Inc 0 Services $815,083
VSSYW Wt Exp 12/17/2025/Versus Systems Inc 0 Services $1.52M
VTAGY ADR/Vantage Towers AG 0 Services $0
VTKLF Ord/VTech Holdings Ltd 0 Manufacturing $2.37B
VTKLY ADR/VTech Holdings Ltd 0 Manufacturing $2.37B
VTWRF Ord/Vantage Towers AG 0 Services $0
VVX V2X, Inc 34 Services $3.29B
VZ Verizon Communications Inc 8 Services $169.89B
WAXS World Access, Inc. 0 Manufacturing $544.22M
WGNR Wegener Corp. 0 Manufacturing $5.57M
WHSI Wearable Health Solutions Inc 0 Manufacturing $1.18M
WOW WideOpenWest Inc 3 Services $876.40M
WPEC Wei Pai Electronic Commerce Company Ltd 0 Services $0
WSTL Cl A (New) 2020/Westell Technologies Inc 3 Manufacturing $52.03M
WWII World Of Wireless International Telecom Inc 0 Services $0
WWRL World Wireless Communications Inc. 0 Services $880,342
XCOMQ Xtera Communications Inc 0 Manufacturing $55.42M
ZOOM Zoom Technologies Inc (DE) 0 Manufacturing $6.76M
ZRMG Shenzhen-Zhongrong Morgan Investment Holdings Group Co Ltd 0 Services $0
ZTCOF Cl H Ord/Zte Corp. 10 Manufacturing $163.14B
ZTNO Zoom Technologies Inc (DE) 0 Manufacturing $0
ZUUS Zeuus Inc 0 Services $0