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Educational Services Stocks

Symbol Company Name PE Ratio PE Revenue
AACG ATA Creativity Global 0 $214.18M
AFYA Afya Ltd 35 $1.72B
AMBO Ambow Education Holding Ltd 0 $760.35M
AMCT American Education Center Inc 0 $254,921
ANVV Anvia Holdings Corp 0 $18.24M
APEI American Public Education Inc 22 $409.61M
ARCE Arco Platform Ltd 336 $1.08B
ASPU Aspen Group Inc 0 $91.51M
ATGE Adtalem Global Education Inc 24 $1.39B
AWAW White Fox Ventures Inc 0 $812,551
BEDU ADS (Sponsored)/Bright Scholar Education Holdings Ltd 14 $4.62B
BOXL Boxlight Corp 0 $168.27M
BSEFF Benesse Holdings Inc 0 $0
BSEFY ADR (Unsponsored) Repstg 1 sh/Benesse Holdings Inc 0 $914.99B
CATG Capstone Technologies Group Inc 0 $0
CATGD Capstone Technologies Group Inc 0 $55.06M
CHGG Chegg Inc 0 $955.07M
CHNUF China Education Resources Inc 5 $9.28M
CIIX Chineseinvestors.com Inc 0 $7.35M
CLCN Creative Learning Corp 10 $3.17M
CLEU China Liberal Education Holdings Ltd 0 $5.02M
CMLLF China Maple Leaf Educational Systems Ltd 0 $0
COE China Online Education Group 142 $2.83B
COGNY ADR (Sponsored)/Kroton Educacional S.A. 0 $5.27B
CRHHF Cross Harbour (Holdings) Ltd. 0 $640.94M
DAO Youdao Inc 0 $5.93B
EDMCQ Education Management Corp 0 $2.78B
EDTK Skillful Craftsman Education Technology Ltd 4 $29.17M
EDU ADR (Sponsored)/New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc 11 $5.49B
EEIQ Elite Education Group International Ltd 0 $9.06M
ELRN Greenwood Hall Inc 0 $12.72M
ESINQ ITT Educational Services Inc 0 $949.77M
EVCI EVCI Career Colleges Holding Corp 0 $12.89M
EXDW Exceed World Inc 39 $37.01M
FEDU ADR/Four Seasons Education (Cayman) Inc 0 $350.48M
FHS First High School Education Group Co Ltd 0 $445.83M
GHC Cl B Com/Graham Holdings Co. 6 $3.82B
GOTU GSX Techedu Inc 0 $10.29B
GSX GSX Techedu Inc 0 $7.81B
HLG Hailiang Education Group Inc 0 $1.60B
IDPUF IDP Education Ltd 0 $0
KROTY ADR (Sponsored)/Kroton Educacional S.A. 0 $6.06B
LAIX LAIX Inc 0 $1.03B
LAUR Cl A/Laureate Education Inc 0 $1.38B
LEAI Legacy Education Alliance Inc 0 $29.28M
LINC Lincoln Educational Services Corp 4 $399.51M
LOPE Grand Canyon Education Inc 15 $1.08B
LRN K12 Inc 20 $1.93B
LTRE Learning Tree International Inc 0 $81.64M
LTTHF Learning Technologies Group PLC 0 $130.10M
LXEH Lixiang Education Holding Co Ltd 91 $159.24M
MBAIF CIBT Education Group Inc 0 $71.92M
METXW Meten EdtechX Education Group Ltd 0 $1.61B
MMTS Multi-Media Tutorial Services, Inc. 0 $0
MTXWF Meten EdtechX Education Group Ltd 0 $359.62M
NAUH National American University Holdings Inc. 0 $31.70M
NEW Puxin Ltd 32 $3.53B
ONE OneSmart International Education Group Ltd 0 $4.30B
OTED Oak Tree Educational Partners, Inc. 0 $5.30M
PCSV PCS Edventures!.Com Inc 0 $2.76M
PRDO Perdoceo Education Corp 6 $875.00M
QQQFF Quizam Media Corp 0 $2.63M
REDU RISE Education Cayman Ltd 0 $1.37B
RYB RYB Education Inc 12 $176.03M
SCOO School Specialty Inc (New) 0 $717.09M
SIBE Sibling Group Holdings Inc 0 $532,670
STRA Strategic Education Inc 37 $1.40B
TAL TAL Education Group 0 $5.86B
TEDU Tarena International Inc 0 $2.97B
TIGE Tigrent Inc 0 $112.97M
TWOU 2U Inc 0 $1.12B
UTI Universal Technical Institute, Inc. 113 $397.70M
VSTA Vasta Platform Ltd 0 $1.05B
VTRU Vitru Ltd 40 $746.13M
WAFU Wah Fu Education Group Ltd 0 $8.52M
YDUQY ADR (Sponsored)/Yduqs Participacoes SA 0 $3.85B
YQ 17 Education & Technology Group Inc 0 $2.61B
ZCMD Zhongchao Inc 9 $17.99M
ZME Zhangmen Education Inc 0 $3.81B
ZVO Zovio Inc 0 $410.54M
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