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Miscellaneous Transportation Services Stocks

Symbol Company Name PE Ratio PE Revenue
ACY Aerocentury Corp. 0 $12.48M
AL Cl A/Air Lease Corp 12 $2.44B
ANDHF Com Sub Vtg/Andlauer Healthcare Group Inc 39 $0
AOHLF Autohellas SA 0 $0
ASDOF Ansaldo STS Spa 0 $2.38B
BCVVF BOC Aviation Ltd 0 $1.98B
CAI CAI International Inc 10 $395.56M
CHRW Robinson (C.H.) Worldwide, Inc. 19 $24.64B
CLPLF Clipper Logistics PLC 0 $0
CNGT Precious Investments Inc 0 $0
CTTOF Ord/CTT Correios de Portugal, S.A. (Portugal) 0 $717.47M
CTTPY CTT Correios de Portugal, S.A. (Portugal) 0 $0
CYRX CryoPort Inc 0 $225.20M
DATWY Datwyler Holding AG 0 $1.29B
DIDI DiDi Global Inc 0 $104.80B
ECHO Echo Global Logistics Inc 27 $4.12B
EH EHang Holdings Ltd 0 $207.23M
FGROF FirstGroup Plc 0 $7.75B
FGROY FirstGroup Plc 0 $7.75B
FNCNF Fincantieri SpA 0 $5.77B
FRO Ord (New)/Frontline Ltd 32 $986.21M
FRTRP Fortress Transportation & Infrastructure Investors LLC 0 $0
FTABF Fortress Transportation & Infrastructure Investors LLC 0 $0
FTAI Com Repstg Ltd Liability Co Ints/Fortress Transportation & Infrastructure Investors LLC 0 $430.33M
FTAIPC Cum Perp Red Pfd Ser C Fixed/Fltg/Fortress Transportation & Infrastructure Investors LLC 0 $430.33M
FTIIP Fortress Transportation & Infrastructure Investors LLC 0 $0
GATX GATX Corp 31 $1.55B
GHGUF Go-Ahead Group PLC (The) (United Kingdom) 0 $0
GLG TD Holdings Inc 0 $0
GLOP Unit Ltd Partnership Int/GasLog Partners LP 0 $333.66M
GLOPPB 8.200% Cum Red Perp Pref Unit Ser B Fixed/Fltg/GasLog Partners LP 0 $333.66M
GRIN Grindrod Shipping Holdings Ltd 0 $0
GRPOF Tetra Bio-Pharma Inc 0 $14.30B
GRPTY ADR/Getlink SE 0 $0
GWYGU Gateway Garage Partners LLC 0 $0
GXO GXO Logistics Inc 0 $6.99B
HCTPF Units/Hutchison Port Holdings Trust 0 $23.13B
HGRVF Hargreaves Services PLC 0 $0
HRI Herc Holdings Inc 34 $2.41B
HTZ Hertz Global Holdings Inc (New) 0 $8.75B
HTZZ Hertz Global Holdings Inc (New) 0 $7.54B
HTZZW Hertz Global Holdings Inc (New) 0 $7.54B
HUPHY ADR/Hutchison Port Holdings Trust 0 $23.13B
IHSI Intelligent Highway Solutions Inc 0 $4.40M
INSW Ord/International Seaways Inc 0 $295.95M
INSWPA 8.50% Senior Notes 06/30/2023/International Seaways Inc 0 $295.95M
JANL Janel Corp 12 $151.26M
KRRYF Kerry Logistics Network Ltd 0 $41.14B
LSTR Landstar System, Inc. 20 $6.81B
LVXID Maptelligent Inc 0 $13,145
LYFT Lyft Inc 0 $3.21B
MAPT Maptelligent Inc 0 $0
MPIR Empire Diversified Energy Inc 0 $3.16M
MVXM Moveix Inc 0 $0
NAT Nordic American Tankers Ltd 0 $226.97M
NVGS Navigator Holdings Ltd. 57 $426.24M
NXPGF National Express Group Plc (United Kingdom) 0 $2.74B
PGAS Petrogress Inc 1 $8.28M
PHIG PHI Inc 0 $0
PHIGW PHI Group Inc (DE) 0 $0
RDEGF Radiant Energy Corp 0 $0
RRTS Roadrunner Transportation Systems Inc 0 $2.25B
RTLR Rattler Midstream LP 15 $506.85M
SBBA 7.000% Sr Nt 06/30/2025/Scorpio Tankers Inc 0 $728.54M
STNG Ord (New)/Scorpio Tankers Inc 0 $728.54M
TLSS Transportation & Logistics Systems Inc 1 $13.27M
UNDR Undersea Recovery Corp 0 $0
USPS Ultimate Sports Inc 0 $0
VMHG Victory Marine Holdings Corp 0 $2.77M
WSTTF Westports Holdings Bhd 0 $0
YGMZ MingZhu Logistics Holdings Ltd 0 $18.79M
YTOEF YTO Express International Holdings Ltd 0 $0
ZDEC Zenovia Digital Exchange Corp 0 $52,500
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