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Synthetic Materials Stocks

Synthetic Materials Industries:

Symbol Company Name PE Ratio PE Industry Revenue
ABSSF AirBoss of America Corp 24 Rubber Products $617.90M
ACTX Advanced Container Technologies Inc 0 Plastics $2.78M
AFI Armstrong Flooring Inc 0 Plastics $728.70M
ASIX AdvanSix Inc 18 Plastics $1.50B
ATPL Atlantis Plastics, Inc. 0 Plastics $103.54M
ATR AptarGroup Inc. 44 Plastics $3.68B
AVNBF Avon Rubber PLC (United Kingdom) 0 Rubber Products $165.50M
AVNT Avient Corp 34 Plastics $4.24B
AVTXF Avantium NV 0 Plastics $0
AZEK AZEK Co Inc (The) 0 Plastics $1.16B
BERY Berry Global Group Inc 12 Plastics $15.17B
BRDCF Ord/Bridgestone Corp (Japan) 0 Rubber Products $6,252.13B
BRDCY ADR/Bridgestone Corp (Japan) 0 Rubber Products $6,252.13B
BRTE Brightec Inc 0 Plastics $5,343
CANOF California Nanotechnologies Corp 0 Plastics $1.01M
CMT Core Molding Technologies Inc 32 Plastics $277.70M
CSL Carlisle Companies Inc. 28 Rubber Products $5.31B
CTIB Yunhong CTI Ltd 0 Rubber Products $31.83M
CXDC China XD Plastics Co., Ltd 0 Plastics $1.32B
DD DuPont de Nemours Inc 0 Plastics $25.65B
DOW Dow Inc 38 Plastics $49.25B
DSWL Deswell Industries, Inc. 0 Plastics $111.64M
DTRO Deltron Inc 0 Plastics $992,642
EMN Eastman Chemical Co 32 Plastics $10.66B
EPTI Environmental Packaging Technologies Holdings Inc 0 Plastics $12.95M
FFHL Fuwei Films (Holdings) Co Ltd 5 Plastics $421.56M
FLRAF Essentra Plc 0 Plastics $1.10B
FORD Forward Industries, Inc. 0 Plastics $45.52M
FUJSF Fuji Seal International Inc. 0 Plastics $262.99B
GBUX Givbux Inc 0 Rubber Products $0
GPRC Guanwei Recycling Corp 0 Plastics $51.76M
GT Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. 0 Rubber Products $15.98B
HXL Hexcel Corp. 161 Plastics $1.80B
KBLB Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. 0 Rubber Products $0
KGBLY Kingboard Laminates Holdings Ltd 0 Plastics $0
KRA Kraton Corp 0 Plastics $1.97B
KSRBF Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd (Malaysia) 0 Rubber Products $0
KURRF Ord/Kuraray Co Ltd 0 Plastics $1,030.68B
KURRY ADR/Kuraray Co Ltd 0 Plastics $1,003.50B
LNTEF Lintec Corp. 0 Plastics $409.22B
LNZNF Lenzing AG (Austria) 0 Rubber Products $3.61B
LOOP Loop Industries Inc 0 Plastics $0
LWLG Lightwave Logic Inc 0 Plastics $0
MDTRD Advanced Container Technologies Inc 0 Plastics $2.25M
MGLG Magellan Energy Ltd. 0 Plastics $34.19M
MYE Myers Industries Inc. 18 Plastics $621.98M
NIFCY ADR/Nifco Inc 0 Plastics $456.47B
NLTBF Nolato AB 47 Plastics $0
PGOG Perf Go-Green Holdings, Inc. 0 Plastics $2.23M
PTCAY PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tbk 0 Plastics $2.42B
PTPIF PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tbk 0 Plastics $1.38B
PTTCF Pact Group Holdings Ltd 0 Plastics $0
RDVA RDVA Inc 0 Plastics $6.01M
REYN Reynolds Consumer Products Inc 17 Plastics $4.15B
ROG Rogers Corp. 73 Plastics $1.01B
SDTCD Givbux Inc 0 Rubber Products $261.79M
SINC Sincerity Applied Materials Holdings Corp 0 Plastics $1.55M
SKLMF Skellerup Holdings Ltd 0 Rubber Products $210.32M
SKLUY ADR/Skellerup Holdings Ltd 0 Rubber Products $0
SMTUF Ord/Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd 0 Rubber Products $1,382.13B
STCC Sterling Consolidated Corp 0 Rubber Products $12.28M
TBUIF Tubi Ltd 0 Plastics $0
TEKXF Lincoln Ventures Ltd 0 Plastics $0
TG Tredegar Corp. 0 Plastics $945.97M
TNMAF Tenma Corp 0 Plastics $18.44B
TOTTF Toyo Tire & Rubber Co Ltd (Japan) 0 Rubber Products $0
TSE Ord/Trinseo SA 364 Synthetic Materials $3.90B
TUP Tupperware Brands Corp 13 Plastics $2.23B
VCIGF Vitreous Glass Inc 10 Plastics $18.05M
VKSC Viskase Cos, Inc. 0 Plastics $479.47M
VULC Vulcan International Corp. 0 Rubber Products $8.62M
VYST Vystar Corp 0 Rubber Products $26.68M
WMS Advanced Drainage Systems Inc 43 Plastics $2.40B
WST West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. 60 Rubber Products $2.73B
XJGTF Xinjiang Tianye Water Saving Irrigation System Company Limited 0 Plastics $0
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