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Water Utilities Stocks

Symbol Company Name PE Ratio PE Revenue
AHWSF Athens Water & Sewerage Public Co Eydap (Greece) 0 $0
ALAN Alanco Technologies Inc 0 $18,000
AQN Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp 13 $2.56B
AQNA 6.875% Fxd/Fltg Sub Nts Ser 2018-A 10/17/2078/Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp 0 $2.56B
AQNB 6.20% 2019-A Sub Nt Fixed/Fltg 07/01/2079/Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp 0 $2.56B
AQNNF Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp 0 $2.48B
AQNU 7.75% Corp Unit 06/15/2024/Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp 0 $2.56B
ARTNA Cl A/Artesian Resources Corp. 21 $112.35M
ARTNB Cl B/Artesian Resources Corp. 0 $109.89M
AWAEF SIIC Environment Holdings Ltd 0 $282.39M
AWK American Water Works Co, Inc. 41 $4.89B
AWR American States Water Co 36 $631.78M
BJWTF Ord/Beijing Enterprises Water Group Ltd 0 $25.36B
BJWTY Beijing Enterprises Water Group Ltd 0 $0
BOTRF China Everbright Water Ltd 0 $2.49B
BTQNF BQE Water Inc 32 $9.31M
CDZI CADIZ Inc 0 $700,000
CHWXF China Water Industry Group Ltd 0 $0
CLIRF Clearford Water Systems Inc 0 $19.40M
CNM Core & Main Inc 0 $5.45B
CWCO Ord/Consolidated Water Co Ltd 166 $83.32M
CWT California Water Service Group (DE) 21 $1.07B
ENPRF Current Water Technologies Inc 0 $3.36M
GGDVF Ord/Guangdong Investment Ltd. 0 $16.69B
GGDVY ADR/Guangdong Investment Ltd. 0 $16.69B
GMEC GME Innotainment Inc 0 $0
GWRS Global Water Resources Inc 157 $51.65M
HYFXF Hyflux Ltd 0 $1.66B
HYFXY Hyflux Ltd 0 $1.66B
MSEX Middlesex Water Co. 0 $180.49M
MWTCF Ord/Manila Water Company Inc. 0 $19.84B
MWTCY ADR/Manila Water Company Inc. 0 $17.71B
NESW New England Service Co 0 $0
OGNG Bravo Enterprises Ltd 0 $10,616
PCYO Pure Cycle Corp. 19 $24.96M
PEGRD Pennon Group Plc 0 $0
PEGRF Ord (New)/Pennon Group Plc 0 $0
PEGRY ADR (New)/Pennon Group Plc 0 $0
QWTR Quest Water Global Inc 0 $0
RLLWF Reliance Worldwide Corporation Ltd 0 $601.69M
SBS ADR (Sponsored)/Companhia de Saneamento Basico do Estado de Sao Paulo-SABESP (Brazil) 25 $18.06B
SGXXF Sound Global Ltd. 0 $2.65B
SJW SJW Group 32 $720.83M
STRNY ADR (Sponsored)/Severn Trent Plc 0 $1.83B
SVTRF Ord/Severn Trent Plc 0 $1.77B
SZEVF Ord/SUEZ SA 0 $18.02B
SZSAY ADR Level 1/SUEZ SA 0 $18.02B
TORW Torrington Water Co. 0 $3.30M
TRITF Tri-Tech Holdings Inc 0 $7.77M
TTAPF TTW Public Co Ltd 0 $0
TTAPY ADR/TTW Public Co Ltd 0 $6.19B
TTWPF TTW Public Co Ltd 0 $4.64B
TTWSF TTW Public Co Ltd 0 $5.62B
TURV Two Rivers Water & Farming Co 0 $297,000
UUGRY ADR (Sponsored)/United Utilities Group Plc 0 $1.81B
UUGWF Ord/United Utilities Group Plc 0 $1.86B
WTNW Water Now Inc 0 $-89,866
WTRG Essential Utilities Inc 28 $2.20B
WTRU 6% Tangible Equity Unit 04/30/2022/Essential Utilities Inc 0 $2.20B
YORW York Water Co 36 $68.34M
YTLPF YTL Power International Bhd (Malaysia) 0 $0
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