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Ford-Volkswagen Alliance Could Aid Each Stock

Paul Dykewicz explains the implications of the Ford-Volkswagen alliance in vehicle development and production.

[European and Chinese flag shopping bags]

Markets Sink as Threat of War Rises

The escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine has scared the “green” out of Far East markets, creating a...

Daimler AG Boosts Dividend after 45 Percent Jump in Q4 Earnings

German auto-maker Daimler AG capped off the 2013 year with a strong finish, as the German auto manufacturer...

Apple iPhone 5s

Dividend-Paying Apple May Tempt Investors Today

Apple Inc. (AAPL) offers a dividend yield of 2.4%, has fallen in price more than 8% so far...

Merkel Says Balanced Budget, Energy Will Take Priority in Her Third Term

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said eliminating the budget deficit and completing the country’s transformation from coal and nuclear...

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Groundhog Day in December: World Awaits Fed, Again

It is like a scene from the Bill Murray movie, Groundhog Day. Every month, the same thing happens:...

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Principal Solar Chairman and CEO Michael Gorton Talks Solar Energy

There’s been a lot of speculation by investors in the solar space, some making big money along the...

Germany’s Bonds Lead Soveriegn Debt Dip in Europe Amid Fed Tapering Bets

Germany’s government bonds led declines in the value of the euro region’s sovereign securities as a U.S. job...

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France Fizzles, Germany Slows as Europe’s Economy Stalls

The euro-zone economy all but stagnated in the third quarter with France's recovery fizzling out and Germany’s growth...

EU Investigating Germany’s Current Account Surplus

The European Commission (EC) decided Wednesday to investigate Germany’s current account surplus.