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Advertising Stocks

Symbol Company Name PE Ratio PE Revenue
AATV Adaptive Ad Systems Inc 12 $10.54M
ACGXD Alliance Creative Group Inc 0 $20.27M
ACTL Artec Global Media Inc 0 $908,193
ADMQ ADM Endeavors Inc 0 $5.93M
AIMFF Aimia Inc 0 $0
ANTE AirMedia Group Inc 0 $94.09M
ASPR Adsouth Partners Inc 0 $0
ATDRF Auto Trader Group PLC 0 $368.90M
ATDRY ADR/Auto Trader Group PLC 0 $368.90M
ATXMF Advantex Marketing International, Inc. 0 $0
BAOS Baosheng Media Group Holdings Ltd 0 $0
BCII Blockchain Industries Inc 0 $2.12M
BDCM Broadcast Marketing Group Inc 0 $3.36M
BFLD Broadcast Live Digital Corp 0 $0
BMTM Bright Mountain Media Inc 0 $17.42M
BOMN Boston Omaha Corp 0 $57.43M
BWAV Betawave Corp 0 $0
CAMG CAM Group Inc 0 $0
CCO Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc 0 $2.40B
CMGO CMG Holdings Group Inc 0 $458,336
CNCM Connected Media Technologies Inc 0 $271,208
CNET ZW Data Action Technologies Inc 0 $57.96M
COFI Credit One Financial Inc 0 $318,950
CRMLF Clear Media Ltd 0 $1.61B
CSSSF Carsales.com Ltd 0 $444.01M
CSXXY ADR/Carsales.com Ltd 0 $395.59M
DBMM Digital Brand Media & Marketing Group Inc 0 $182,753
DNTUY ADR/Dentsu Group Inc 0 $2,710.37B
EEX Emerald Holding Inc 0 $289.30M
EZOO Ezagoo Ltd 0 $340,435
FLNT Fluent Inc 168 $387.01M
FTMK Fortune Market Media Inc 0 $0
GAPFF Aimia Inc 0 $64.60M
GHST Ghost Technology Inc 0 $85,000
GOOLD Aquarius AI Inc 0 $10.56M
GOOLF Aquarius AI Inc 0 $5.94M
GRPN Groupon Inc 0 $1.76B
HHS Harte Hanks Inc 0 $239.47M
HKUOF Hakuhodo Dy Holdings Inc. 0 $0
HKUOY ADR/Hakuhodo Dy Holdings Inc 0 $2,430.94B
HRTH Harte Hanks Inc 0 $229.85M
HWTFF Huntsworth Plc (United Kingdom) 0 $196.98M
IDWM IDW Media Holdings Inc 0 $54.33M
IFJPY ADR (Sponsored) (New)/Informa Plc (Jersey) 0 $2.89B
IFPJF Ord GBP 0.001/Informa Plc (Jersey) 0 $2.89B
INBI Infusion Brands International Inc 0 $17.28M
INFG Infinite Graphics Inc 0 $0
INVB Westmountain Company 0 $1.66M
IPG Interpublic Group of Companies Inc. 33 $11.61B
IPSOF Ipsos SA (France) 0 $0
IREP Interep National Radio Sales Inc 0 $0
ISIG Insignia Systems, Inc. 0 $22.78M
ITEGY Hyve Group PLC 0 $220.72M
IZEA IZEA Worldwide Inc 0 $21.80M
JCDXF Ord/JCDecaux SA 0 $3.49B
JCDXY JCDecaux SA 0 $0
LEGED Holistic Asset Finance Group Co 0 $3.79M
MCHX Marchex Inc 0 $132.21M
MDCA MDC Partners Inc 0 $1.54B
MMDDF Mirriad Advertising PLC 0 $1.14M
MMND Mastermind Inc 0 $4.40M
MSAAF M&C Saatchi PLC 0 $0
NCMI National CineMedia Inc 0 $106.10M
NDMT Nownews Digital Media Technology Co Ltd 0 $4.87M
NWCN Network CN Inc. 0 $0
NXMR NextMart Inc 0 $0
OCTPF Ocelot Partners Ltd 0 $0
OMC Omnicom Group, Inc. 18 $16.93B
OSCN OneScreen, Inc. 0 $0
PCOFF Pico Far East Holdings Ltd 0 $3.98B
PGPEF Ord/Publicis Groupe S.A. 0 $11.00B
PRKI Perk International Inc 0 $90,008
PTZH Photozou Holdings Inc 0 $299,845
PUBGY ADR (Sponsored)/Publicis Groupe S.A. 0 $11.00B
PVHO Provision Holding, Inc. 0 $38,721
QUOT Quotient Technology Inc 0 $588.42M
SCPPF S4 Capital PLC 0 $0
SGRP SPAR Group, Inc. 85 $291.08M
SOTDF Stroeer SE 0 $0
SOTDY Stroeer SE 0 $0
SPIDY Septeni Holdings Co., Ltd. 0 $15.27B
SRAX Social Reality Inc 0 $7.82M
STCB Starco Brands Inc 0 $710,392
TC TuanChe Ltd 0 $437.58M
THRV Thryv Holdings Inc 0 $0
THRY Thryv Holdings Inc 0 $1.55B
TOCOF Tom Group Ltd. 0 $944.09M
TRBO Turbo Global Partners Inc 0 $100,000
UCPA United Communications Partners Inc. 0 $49.21M
UCTN CTN Media Group Inc. 0 $0
VEND Generation NEXT Franchise Brands Inc 0 $28.42M
VIZC VizConnect Inc 0 $7,958
WIZD Wizard Entertainment Inc 0 $6.28M
WPP ADR/WPP Plc (New) 0 $13.23B
WPPGF Ord/WPP Plc (New) 0 $13.23B
WWIO Wowio Inc 0 $0
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