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210 Percent Dividend Gain in Less than Five Years

Seaspan Corporation (SSW) owns more than 70 ships that it leases out to corporations. But it appears the...

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Light up Your Investment Income with a 6.5 Dividend

It doesn’t look like Phillip Morris International (PM) is suffering too much due to CVS Corporation’s decision to...

Annaly’s 11.1 Percent Yield Withstands Fed Tapering

When outgoing U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke announced a second reduction to the Fed’s stimulus program on...

Occidental Petroleum’s $20 Billion Bet on a California Revival

Oil and gas explorer, Occidental Petroleum (OXY), plans to separate its California-based, crude exploration assets in yet another...

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Dividends Indicate Upside in the Stock

Whether you choose to live off of those dividend payments or reinvest them to help grow your wealth...

Earn 11.3 Percent or More as U.S. Oil Demand Wanes in 2014

As the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) lowers its forecast for crude oil demand in 2014, companies in...

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Will EFC’s 12.9 Percent Dividend Get a Pop Tomorrow?

Here’s another income investment to keep a close eye on: Ellington Financial, LLC (EFC).

How to ‘Double Your Dividends’ in 2014’s Volatile Market

A handful of income-generating investments -- through a combination of income and capital gains -- have already generated...

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4 Dow Dividend Stocks Defying the Decline

Despite the aggregate decline in the Dow, there still are a few industrials trading to the plus side.

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Main Street Insiders Loading Up before Earnings Announcement

Business development company (BDC) Main Street Capital (MAIN) recently announced that it will release its Q4 and full...