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The Difference Between REITs and Direct Real Estate Investing

The difference between REITs and direct real estate investing are important to know in pursuit of profitability. Real...

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Know Thyself to Buy Excellent Property Overseas

Know thyself for buying excellent property overseas and stay humble throughout the process. In human nature, there’s a...

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Building a Barricade Against Inflation Via Real Estate ETF

After about a decade of enjoying a strong economy, low prices and sky-high job numbers, inflation is rearing...

Accessing American Real Estate Investment Trusts

To put it mildly, the overall performance of real estate investment trusts (REITs) this year has been less...

Mortgage REITs May Appeal to Income-Loving Investors

Uncertainty about the Fed's next interest rate move has increased volatility in the overall real estate investment trust...

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Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) to Invest in Now

Investment columnist Paul Dykewicz discusses REITS to invest in now.

Ride ’em Cowboy: Why Stocks, Gold and Real Estate Are Headed Higher!

Are you missing out on the greatest investment boom of our lifetime? Our “Wild West” theme at next...

A Hassle-Free Play on the U.S. Real Estate Sector

Investment expert Jim Woods shares this easy way to play the U.S. real estate sector.

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A Top Mutual Fund Manager’s #1 Contrarian Bet on Florida Real Estate

Global investing expert NIcholas Vardy discusses how this value play on Florida real estate has attracted the attention...

Finding the Sweet Spots in the REIT Sector

Income investment expert Bryan Perry shows how you can find good opportunities in the REIT sector.