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A Stock Market Crash Could be Caused by a ‘Black Swan’ Event

A stock market crash could be caused by an unexpected calamitous event, known as a “black swan” in...

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Top 10 Favorite Value Stocks to Invest in Now

Paul Dykewicz highlights the top 10 favorite value stocks to invest in now.

Precious Metals Choices Feature Funds, Collectibles and Bullion

Columnist Paul Dykewicz explains some precious metals choices available to investors.

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What Does Europe’s Adoption of So-Called Negative Interest Rates Mean for America?

The European Central Bank’s (ECB) recent move to adopt what is described as “negative interest rates” to guard...

Negative Interest Rates: Warning, Your Bank Account is Under Attack

The first short-term consequence of the negative interest rate policy is likely to be bullish for risk assets...

ECB Weighs Adopting Negative Interest Rate for Deposits

The European Central Bank (ECB) is considering a smaller-than-normal cut in the deposit rate if officials decide to...