5 Silver Investments to Buy Now

Paul Dykewicz

Five silver investments to buy now include mining stocks, precious metals funds and Perth Mint certificates from Australia, according to a half dozen precious metals market followers. 

Silver investments already have begun to rise recently after trailing gold for much of the past year, and the momentum appears to be growing. Silver often follows the advance of gold but can catch up in the percentage of appreciation quickly, history has shown.

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The COVID-19 crisis has caused the lockdown of many businesses since March, but the increase in the number of new cases has slowed in recent weeks and coincided with a rise in the price of the NASDAQ Composite, silver and oil. Silver, as represented by Global X Silver Miners Fund (NYSE:SIL) as a proxy, moved into slightly positive territory year to date (YTD) to end trading up 0.84% with a 1.36% dividend yield on June 2, compared with a 13.63% jump in gold, based on the price of SPDR Gold Shares (NYSE:GLD), which does not pay a dividend.

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5 Silver Investments to Buy Now Appear to Be Recovering from COVID-19 Effect

Among the major U.S. stock indexes, the NASDAQ Composite gained 6.65% through June 2, while the S&P 500 slid 5.06% and the Dow Jones Industrial Average dove 10.19%, according to YCharts. Oil plunged on Monday, April 19, to its lowest level since 1946, when data for that commodity first began to be collected. On April 19, the futures contract for West Texas crude oil scheduled to expire the following day fell to minus $37.63 a barrel when it became less expensive to sell at a loss than retain possession.

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“People have fallen in love with silver but I don’t see anything stronger than that love driving the metal in the immediate future,” said Hilary Kramer, host of a national radio program called “Millionaire Maker” and head of the Value Authority and GameChangers advisory services.

“The challenge is that only 20% of silver’s price is a factor of investment markets. The rest depends on industrial and luxury markets that are unlikely to absorb what’s already a supply imbalance. Photography simply no longer consumes a lot of what the world’s mines produce, and both solar and jewelry are in decline.”

Columnist and author Paul Dykewicz interviews money manager Hilary Kramer, whose premium advisory services include 2-Day TraderTurbo Trader, High Octane Trader and Inner Circle.

“Meanwhile you can’t just close the silver mines because 70% of global supply comes as a byproduct of our hunger for copper, lead and other metals,” Kramer said. “When the world economy gets moving again, supply will naturally increase along with it.”

Platinum is an Alternative to 5 Silver Investments to Buy Now

“If you’re interested in silver for its economic role, I’d really consider platinum instead because the supply/demand picture looks more favorable,” Kramer said. “The easiest way to play there is via the Aberdeen Standard Physical Platinum Shares ETF (NYSE:PPLT).” 

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For investors who want the safety of a precious metal for its own sake, consider gold, Kramer said. 

“For silver itself, I prefer Wheaton Precious Metals Corp. (NYSE:WPM), which is less about mining than pure silver trading,” Kramer said. “They know what they’re doing and pay a dividend. Rising silver prices will enhance the shareholder payout.”

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Wheaton Precious Metals Is One of 5 Silver Investments to Buy Now

Bargain hunters have a chance to buy Wheaton Precious Metals on a dip, after the stock fell 4.71% on Tuesday, June 2. The stock is up 40.81% so far this year and 90.36% for the past 12 months, while offering a current dividend yield of 0.96%.

Probably the best stock in the space as far as relative share price performance is Pan American Silver (NASDAQ:PAAS),” said Jim Woods, who leads the Successful Investing, Intelligence Report and Bullseye Stock Trader advisory services. “That stock is outpacing 97% of all other publicly traded companies in terms of relative price strength.”  

Woods uses relative price strength as a key screening tool when selecting stocks to recommend in his Bullseye Stock Trader advisory service.

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PAAS slid 7.00% on Tuesday, June 2, offering a somewhat discounted price after the stock soared 19.92% thus far in 2020 and 162.01% in the last 12 months. The stock offers a modest 0.71% dividend yield. 

Paul Dykewicz meets with Jim Woods before COVID-19 to discuss new investment opportunities.

Recommendation Among 5 Silver Investments to Buy Rose 21% in Two Weeks

Another investment forecaster who likes silver and gold is Mark Skousen, PhD, Presidential Fellow at Chapman University, recipient of the inaugural Triple Crown in Economics in 2018 and honoree as one of the 20 most influential living economists. Skousen, who also writes a monthly investment newsletter called Forecasts & Strategies, recommended the purchase of Pan American Silver (NASDAQ: PAAS) in his TNT Trader advisory service. 

The stock jumped 21% in two weeks, while the call options he recommended rose 101% during the same time span. To protect his gains, Skousen sets stop prices on stock recommendations in his trading services and raises them as the share prices climb to ensure even larger profits are protected during the ascent.

Mark Skousen, a descendant of Benjamin Franklin, meets with Paul Dykewicz in Philadelphia.

Skousen previously had recommended Barrick Gold (NYSE: GOLD), the world’s second largest gold mining company. Within just two months, the stock produced a 38% gain, while the related call options rose 213% during the same time frame. 

iShares Silver Trust (NYSE:SLV)  is the ETF to use for broad exposure to silver, Woods said, but it does not pay a dividend. SLV dipped 1.52% on Tuesday, June 2, bringing its return down thus far in 2020 to 0.96%, after jumping 14.88% in 2019. 

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Caution Needed with Mining Stocks within the 5 Silver Investments to Buy Now

Investors can earn some income and benefit from rising precious metals prices by owning shares in mining companies, said Bob Carlson, chairman of the Board of Trustees of Virginia’s Fairfax County Employees’ Retirement System with more than $4 billion in assets. Investors need to beware that the share prices of mining companies are “far more volatile” than the prices of gold and silver themselves, he added.

Carlson, who also leads the Retirement Watch advisory service, said investors should keep in mind that mining company shares also are affected by factors other than the price of precious metals. Those considerations include a company’s debt level, management skill, labor issues and COVID-19 risks.

Pension fund Chairman Bob Carlson answers questions from Paul Dykewicz during an interview before social distancing became the norm after the outbreak of COVID-19.

Bryan Perry, a former Wall Street trading professional, is recommending Sprott Physical Gold & Silver Trust (CEF) as a hedge position in his high-income Cash Machine advisory service. 

Paul Dykewicz interviewing Bryan Perry

“The price of silver has rallied back to pre-coronavirus levels under the influence of two driving forces,” Perry told me. “The first is the tidal wave of liquidity pouring into the global financial system brought on by central bank stimulus. At its core, fiscal stimulus eats away the purchasing power of fiat currencies, making precious metals an attractive hedge and investment.

“Stability in copper prices recently has speculators interpreting that broad commodity price inflation might be brewing, which also would bode well for putting upside pressure on silver that is used in several manufacturing subsectors. Silver is considered the poor man’s precious metal but has a history of catching fire and making sudden sharp moves higher to catch up with gold. Owning CEF offers the best of both metals in one ETF in physical form.”

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Rich Checkan, of Asset Strategies International, tracks the precious metals market.

Gold is the leader in the “precious metals complex,” said Rich Checkan, president and chief operating officer of Asset Strategies International, a full-service tangible asset dealer in Rockville, Maryland. The yellow metal moves up or down first, then silver and other precious metals follow, he added.

At some point, silver typically catches up and outpaces gold both to the upside and to the downside, Checkan said. The gold/silver ratio was more than 120 to 1 less than two weeks ago, meaning it took more than 120 ounces of silver to buy 1 ounce of gold, he added.

“Today, the ratio is under 99 to 1,” Checkan said. “Both gold and silver are moving up in price, but silver is starting to move up faster.”

Checkan told me his preferred method for investing in silver and gold is through Perth Mint certificates from Australia. A key reason is relatively small premiums to buy and sell the certificates that are backed by the precious metals themselves.

Pullback Among 5 Silver Investments to Buy Now Would Not Surprise Coin Dealer 

“A pullback wouldn’t surprise me,” said Van Simmons, who heads David Hall Rare Coins in Santa Ana, California. Silver and gold seem to be reacting to crisis after crisis we keep seeing. They both seem a bit overpriced right now.”

Simmons buys and sells precious metals coins for his clients and has been noticing significantly higher premiums charged for transactions in recent months. The uncertainties stemming from the COVID-19 crisis have boosted interest in gold and silver coins, as well as other forms of bullion such as precious metals bars, he added.

Van Simmons of David Hall Rare Coins

COVID-19 has caused 6,485,399 cases and 382,404 deaths globally, along with 1,881,205 cases and 108,059 deaths in the United States, as of June 2. America has amassed the most cases and deaths by far of any country across the globe, including China, where COVID-19 originated.

With the U.S. economy starting to reopen gradually in most states, the stock market has been recovering in recent weeks and giving investors an alternative to buying precious metals. However, roughly $5 trillion in federal stimulus spending has boosted the likelihood that inflation may arise in the future and further enhance the potential appreciation of silver and gold. 

Paul Dykewicz, www.pauldykewicz.com, is an accomplished, award-winning journalist who has written for Dow Jones, the Wall Street JournalInvestor’s Business DailyUSA Today, the Journal of Commerce, Seeking Alpha, GuruFocus and other publications and websites. Paul is the editor of StockInvestor.com and DividendInvestor.com, a writer for both websites and a columnist. He further is the editorial director of Eagle Financial Publications in Washington, D.C., where he edits monthly investment newsletters, time-sensitive trading alerts, free e-letters and other investment reports. Paul previously served as business editor of Baltimore’s Daily Record newspaper. Paul also is the author of an inspirational book, “Holy Smokes! Golden Guidance from Notre Dame’s Championship Chaplain,” with a foreword by former national championship-winning football coach Lou Holtz. Endorsements for the book come from Joe Montana, Joe Theismann, Ara Parseghian, “Rocket” Ismail, Dick Vitale and others. Follow Paul on Twitter @PaulDykewicz.


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