Currency ETFs

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Five Fertilizer Investments to Buy After Agreement for Russia to Halt Blockade

Five fertilizer investments to buy could gain a lift with a recent agreement aimed at temporarily halting Russia’s...

Seven Inflation-Shelter Investments to Buy Amid Famine Fears 

Seven inflation-shelter investments to buy are gaining appeal as potential safe havens amid fears a famine may spread...

Currency ETFs and What You Need to Know

Currency ETFs (exchange-traded funds) allow investors to engage in the zero-sum game of betting on the rise or...

Bitcoin — Digital Fools Gold?

“All that glitters isn’t gold, but the really good stuff is.” -- Chip Wood More and more institutional investors...

Hedge Against the Euro With This Fund

Jim Woods discusses an exchange-traded fund that allows investors to hedge against the euro.

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A Door into the European Equity Market

The WisdomTree Europe Hedged Equity Fund (NYSEARCA: HEDJ) is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that provides investors with exposure...

A Fund that Provides Exposure to the European Equity Market

Jim Woods discusses an ETF that provides access to the European equity market.

Seeking Market Exposure in Foreign Currencies

Jim Woods discusses an ETF that would be an interesting choice for those who are interested in foreign...

Thanks Italy, We’re Going to the Bank

Italy's political crisis sent global bond yields downward. Here's how this move should benefit banks going forward.

The Swiss Franc Offers a Refuge in Times of Conflict

Paul Dykewicz explains the investment value of swiss franc exchange-traded funds (ETFs).